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3 hours ago, truelove said:

    I am Reddit’s Gilgamesh_Johnson

and the pure and uncomplicated love I feel for this man is life affirming!  I’m not afraid to share this on other platforms.  I’m not saying that I don’t love my friends and family.  But this is a messy sort of love, stained of human folly .  I find the love I feel for Thom at a distance, on the other hand, to be unspoiled by any truth that I don’t wish to see or cannot see from a distance. I don’t believe in god so naturally Thom is the next best thing.  Tell me how I am being silly?

furthermore, I find that all thoughts unaligned with constant meditation of Thom’s splendor too be a kind of eternal dead zone.  A fall from grace.  A paradise lost, if you will.  
oh well, must return to work.  “Abandon all hope, ye who enter here” lol 💕 u Thom!

Nice. I like Thom too, but I don't worship him (anymore). Cheers.

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