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On 7/13/2018 at 1:45 PM, hysterical.useless said:

I remember hearing the album announcement on Valentines Day, being with my girlfriend at the time and just not giving shit about her at that point. All I could think about was new Radiohead. I remember Ed being ambiguous about when it was going to be released, and I think the 18th release was a day early?

Anyway, I had pre-ordered the Deluxe Newspaper Edition but downloaded the mp3s for the night. I purposely didn't listen to the record for the whole day because I wanted to make an event of it. We go round my friends house (just the massive Radioheaders) and have some beers and a few joints and go up into is room, which was the chillest room (just one of those rooms with a nice pentagonal shape and orange lighting.

We put the first tune on, and hear the piano sample creeping in. Jesus christ. Words cannot describe our excitement. I remember hugging one of my friends straight away saying "this is the best thing I'm ever going to here" and it was only the first 30 seconds of Bloom.

It was a truly cathartic experience. At one point, 2 of us had to leave the room during Codex and Give up the Ghost because it was just too much! (I kid you not).

I truly think The King of Limbs is some of their finest work.


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1 hour ago, Fake Chinese Robert Plant said:

There’s something about how they put all the (!!!!)s after certain songs in their setlist threads that gives me fanboy douche chills. The mods over there are some of the biggest dullards.

At least two of the mods there are actually nice ateasers, unlike you. :classic_angry:


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Reddit has a good things like hot posts and able to refresh the nights setlist with ease. 


The base of users is just very scrambled. 

What time do I show up for GA

how do I act at a concert 

should I bring my 6 month old baby to see radiohead

look at my drawing I did while high listening to kida

what album should I listen to next 


just very middle school style like me for saying Radiohead. But there some good points to reddit that I wouldn’t have known if atease didn’t go down. It’s just stiffing through the cat shit to find the interesting stuff. 

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Atease is very adept at shutting down new and casual fans.  They need a place to go, so reddit is a great place for them.

imagine being new to official msgboard back in the early/mid aughts?  I remember feeling lost and scared, like walking into a massive inside joke only slightly related to Radiohead. that’s prob how newbs feel here.

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