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Maybe more relevant to him than his FB page @audionerd though I don't pretend to know  :classic_wacko:

NB:  this is not a dox, just tired of this.  Letting it spiral down this way is not any of these things.  Least of all fun.  

It’s a label, it’s artist management, it’s a platform, it’s complicated, as always… but it’s going to be fun. It’s AT EASE. A lot of great stuff is coming up.

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On 11/30/2019 at 4:17 PM, duaessences as clay become said:

I remember the first spam accounts happened and he did actually come on over and remove it. 

It is possible he is worried it might be an endless cycle of having to keep coming back and fixing something.

But, making the board sign-in only and removing the spam accounts will be a single/one time fix. : )

Well, keeping tabs on what's going on IS part of hosting a board.  That's kind of an implied promise to the people who come and make something of an empty void.

(redundancy intentional for emphasis)

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Please report my posts above but I won't get banned.  I want this to be a test and I am willing to do it.  You have one month left to post here and you can post whatever you want.  He's not moderating.  If I do get banned I will eat my mouth and just use a VPN with a different name.  

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