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Dawn Chorus Is . . .


Dawn Chorus Is . . .  

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  1. 1. Dawn Chorus is most likely which of the following?

    • Wake Me
    • Open the Floodgates
    • Another unreleased track we've heard before
    • A new track we've never heard before

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On 7/4/2019 at 1:22 PM, Zane said:

He’s singing pitches the whole way through 😕

I admit I didn't realize it was pitches. But its the same pitch 99% of the time, lol. Which is honestly pretty fucking amazing to be able to make a song still work that way. This song gets better on multiple listens. Let's be honest, it's the Radiohead track on the record.

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1 hour ago, coolbubble said:

Around 2006 or a bit later, there was a publication on the Radiohead official website which was titled « Dawn Chorus ». There even were some chords names attached to it ?

I can’t find the scrrenshot I made of this. 

Does anyone remember ?



did it look anything like these ones?  


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On 6/21/2019 at 7:23 AM, hysterical.useless said:

What do you think Dawn Chorus is? I would have thought it's a brand-new track we've never heard before, but it's also been called a "Radiohead fan favorite" which kinda throws that theory off a bit.

it's an old fish favorite (check out the audio link--undiscovered RMX) :classic_laugh:


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