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Dawn Chorus Is . . .


Dawn Chorus Is . . .  

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  1. 1. Dawn Chorus is most likely which of the following?

    • Wake Me
    • Open the Floodgates
    • Another unreleased track we've heard before
    • A new track we've never heard before

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3 minutes ago, chernobyl2 said:

Remember when we thought Ill Wind was gonna be North Wind? LOLLLLL

It honestly still could have been that. Knowing them, they could have morphed it into something else entirely.

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On 6/23/2019 at 1:47 PM, chernobyl2 said:

I honestly think this title was being used for a different song originally though. Just can't see Thom working on this track for 10 years.

I think thom probably thought this was a great song sitting at the piano playing it. I could see how this music at least was the original idea. In fact the track might be better with a piano tbh 

The electronic flavor maybe makes spoken lyrics seem right. 

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