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Best Version of Lift

Best Version of Lift?  

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  1. 1. What is your favorite version of Lift?

    • Pinkpop
    • 2002 Pre-HTTT Tour
    • Mini Disc 15
    • Mini Disc 16 first version
    • Mini Disc 16 second version

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At the moment, it’s disc 15 for me. After OKNOTOK I want Lift to just kick me straight on my ass.

OKNOTOK Lift is one of the odder decisions RH have made. Just... what the hell you guys. And they were sitting on takes like this? Would have been an incredible single.


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After several listens, I'm surprised anyone prefers anything other than the Disk 15 version. The loudness and energy of that one is just balls-to-the-wall great. It's basically a studio-quality versio

In light of the leaks I actively hate the OKNOTOK version now. The idea that they would include that version over 15 or 16.1/16.2 is seriously one of their most baffling decisions. 

OKNOTOK Lift is unlistenable now. Always loved listening to the 2002 version late at night but disc 15’s is balls to the wall mid-90s bliss that makes me wanna take the scenic route with the sunr

I'm still going voting for disc 15. It's everything the Pinkpop '96 version promised. Lift is a song that NEEDS to explode.16.2 is dreamier in a way I find very satisfying at the same time. You could make a convincing case for either 15 or 16.2. I love the 2002 pre-HTTT version, and am fond of the two disc 16 versions, but 15 is the definitive take for me.

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It is quite wonderful that all 3 of the new ones from OKNOTOK did change from being songs that we had a few very good live recordings, to ones for which we have multiple live and studio versions!!

I do wonder what the possible equivalent to this would be for KID A.  The album itself didn't have official bsides although of course they are considered to exist via the Amnesiac era and to some extent also the songs which were released on Thief! 

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