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What happened to Ash?


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I think Ash was banned for having the same IP as dress, meaning Ash = dress. Ade wouldn’t ban an active, long standing member like Ash without reason. It sucks that he’s not here and I remember seeing his posts from very early on (I’ve actively lurked these and similar forums since the Planet Telex days c. 1996). Honestly, it’s so much better now without the antivax memes and the trolling.

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I don’t know but there were also other accounts blocked posting similar things as dress, so if it was Ash, that means they all came from the same IP Address.  Whoever was posting from that IP Address was freaking nuts and it took me many private messages to Ade and a suspension to finally get it blocked.  I don’t know how it works so it’s over me.  I hope it wasn’t Ash because he was always crazy but not that crazy to spam the board with three or more accounts with right wing propaganda.  He was blocked from the Annex too though, so.  I don’t know.  

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🎶Yeah, yeah, I was an angel before a third of the stars fell

Cast with the sternum from Satan into the pit of hell

Our beloved leader forced to be a bottom-feeder

The great deceiver that promised victory over the monkey lovers

We took a vote to restructure and traitors fell upon him

We ripped his skin off and crowned a new son in the morning

A new president to lead our corporation

The vengeance on God and Heaven’s domination

But I seduced the daughters of man and made the Nephilim

I demanded human sacrifice from the rest of them

I became the spirit that tortured and protected them

And I built them the tower of language that connected them

And then the Lord cried, water falling out from his eyes

And my children died drowning in the tears from the sky

And it was then that Satan crawled back to me with a plan

A design for the ultimate corruption of man

See back then we used to set the chosen ones on fire

You really think God only sent a single messiah?

And so we allowed the birth of many prophets on earth

And since the followers were human they were born with a curse

They began to claim superiority to their brothers

And for eighty-five thousand years conquered each other

And when they prayed before battle they were praying to me

Killing in God’s name cause war is my destiny!🎶











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