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18 hours of Ok Computer stuff leaked?

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5 hours ago, reallybigboots said:

No clue as to why the live tracks seem to be the same select tracks over and over (KP, Paranoid Android, I Promise, Electioneering, Climbing up the Walls). Paranoid Android has the organ outro and some differences to the final version. Karma Police has the organ and is slightly different (I think some of the performances had different lyrics like the early practice takes?).

When it comes to live stuff its all from the 1996 tours; mainly it seems that run in July/August when they were supporting Alanis Morissette and the songs you list there where the only ones they really roadtested on that tour (might have done No Surprises as well; I'm posting from work and so can't really check) so that'll probably be why its mainly the same stuff that pops up. There aren't as many versions of Lift which is a song that they started testing out slightly earlier that year but there are a few takes on it - the only other OK Computer song that was regularly played live at the time was Lucky which doesn't really count since that was released in 1995 so that was done and finished.

I'm only on disk 3 and am going through them at work: its all incredibly interesting.  I think that its going to take us all some time to quite appreciate the value of what there is here - having a tonne of high quality live stuff from this tour which it all being the interesting things is incredibly exciting for example.  Gives me an excuse to get back to updating my own personal Live version of each album that I put together (heavily borrowed from VPC's lists with a couple of changes made based on personal opinion with a second disk of alternative and older versions of stuff) with a bunch of the live versions on this album!

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It's funny to see Thom and Jonny be like "it's not very interesting" and then Thom puts out the Suspiria Unreleased Material on streaming services.

Tomorrow Night in Paris is amazing.  I hate it when people say that sort of thing but it really is amazing.  It's okay to say it now!  "Come on, come on".  New fans on reddit are still amazed that the

This is like I'm marrying my girlfriend next month and someone has leaked the nudes and I haven't seen her naked because I'm a good Christian man and now the nudes have disappeared from the internet a

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holy moly! this won't matter to most causal listeners.... but for any guitarist who's ever tried to play along with "No Surprises" , you'll notice that the pitch is slightly flat. I've always assumed that they slowed down the final recording, just for the "feel". no dramas. but I've just got to disc 15 and there's a version in the key of E! it's clearly the key that it was recorded in. Thom's vibrato is bang on.

capo 2nd fret kiddo's! 






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Attenzione! is one of my favourite unreleased Radiohead tracks. Maybe my favourite considering Lift, Man O War are all out there now on proper CDs n that. I love the tone of the guitar in it, kind of reminds me I Can't on Pablo Honey (and that's a compliment). The 'attttteeeeentioooon' refrain and his voice there is the sort of thing that got people engaged in Radiohead. It's a bit corny and it's a zeitgeist, but I really do like it.

It's a bit like being out on the pills with your new uni friends and seeing your old high school girlfriend for the first time since. All upward feelings.

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4 hours ago, ranipodtouch said:

before i go into mental house.

my current theory is

one of atease users (....we know who ) is actually a band member.

he made up an account by the name of zimbra...and then "logged" into waste msg board..to see if there is a hype about the leaks before radiohead "release" them

to the public 

this is so good if thats true. 

Im serious thinkin Nigel

he has roamed the countryside here before

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