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18 hours of Ok Computer stuff leaked?

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27 minutes ago, KidAmnesiac said:

Excuse my ignorance, but is there a SBD of the Mansfield ‘96 show? I think it was originally circulated as an FM broadcast. Is that the same thing? Is there any significance to the appearance of these tracks (specifically the live debuts of both CUTW and KP) on this leak?

A true soundboard is definitely superior to an FM broadcast, when a show is broadcast through FM it usually takes some of the soundboard feed and then live mixes it with an audience mic. I guess to give it a more "live" feel, but sometimes the crowd mix is quite loud and actually a bit annoying. Plus there is the "lossiness" of the FM signal on top of that. That being said, a good FM broadcast (or webcast) is still going to sound good, better than 98% of audience recordings. But mastered straight from the soundboard is as good as it gets, that's what would generally be used in official live releases. 

No clue as to why the live tracks seem to be the same select tracks over and over (KP, Paranoid Android, I Promise, Electioneering, Climbing up the Walls). Paranoid Android has the organ outro and some differences to the final version. Karma Police has the organ and is slightly different (I think some of the performances had different lyrics like the early practice takes?).

Hearing that stuff made me wish they put out a full show as part of the OK NOT OK release, or at least a full live CD (but I'd prefer to hear a full show with unique setlist).

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It's funny to see Thom and Jonny be like "it's not very interesting" and then Thom puts out the Suspiria Unreleased Material on streaming services.

Tomorrow Night in Paris is amazing.  I hate it when people say that sort of thing but it really is amazing.  It's okay to say it now!  "Come on, come on".  New fans on reddit are still amazed that the

This is like I'm marrying my girlfriend next month and someone has leaked the nudes and I haven't seen her naked because I'm a good Christian man and now the nudes have disappeared from the internet a

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1 minute ago, Fuzzyste said:

holy shit !!!!!!!!

this is the actual converse !!!

call 911 now!

go go go go go go !

G thanks :)

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before i go into mental house.

my current theory is

one of atease users (....we know who ) is actually a band member.

he made up an account by the name of zimbra...and then "logged" into waste msg board..to see if there is a hype about the leaks before radiohead "release" them

to the public 

this is so good if thats true. 

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5 hours ago, Scatterbrain said:

Bro use Spek and look at the files. There's a cutoff around 18K, meaning it's for sure lossy, but housed in a lossless file.


Well that is not surprising, because the minidisc format = lossy (Sony ATRAC codec). You will probably see the same cutoff in the wav file.

Nevertheless you will probably get the best quality when you choose FLAC or WAV, because transcoding from one lossy format (ATRAC) to the other (MP3) usually makes matters much worse.

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4 minutes ago, audionerd said:

What do we know about the "Bloom" snipped featured in the litte snipped Zip.?

Does that really come from a Bloom Multitrack Session?

Where do these files come from?

I would looove to do a remix of that song. 😬

Zimbra said he’s keeping that in the vault.

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