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18 hours of Ok Computer stuff leaked?


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Risk of suffocation   Prague train

Girl club   Dogwander

Julie got married

The cupboard monster

I need a job dying of boredom

Science helps build a new India

This is the panic office

Lay off the beef

-- Inside Thom's head.  This is so much fun.  

*mad laugh (Rashomon)


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Let Down (7 - 15) 7 mins or so...  That right there is the best thing I've ever heard.  

Full band with Sonic Youth-like Guitar is also amazing.

The Paris song from disc 17...  The full length Paranoid Android, the Funky cloak song, the disc 15 Lift, delayed piano song from disc 3....

How did this stuff not get included in the OKNOTOK box, I love the box but with not including a CD (always annoyed me that) and hearing what could have been on it makes me love it a little less.

(Yeah, I joined to say those pointless words, wasn't an old member, well, I am old and a member...arf)

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32 minutes ago, Twist said:

I keep discovering new Thom demos here and there. There are just so many. The one with a drum machine in disc 10 right after the Bends 4-track ("I don't want to hurt you") is a total gem.

yeah around 18:10 - 21:33 on 10. MD120 - classic Thom mumble for much of those lyrics 

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Still can believe that the Airbag riff, the riff, was only added right at the end of the process. It's not on any of the demos, so perhaps it was even added when they were already in the studio sessions. What a stroke of genius (by Jonny, I suppose).

It's also interesting that Colin's stop-start bassline was added later. It's lovely to hear him basically figuring it out in real time, in disc 10 (around minute 27).

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Just read the /r/news thread about this. Sitting at 35k upvotes. It’s crazy to me how the narrative is now that Radiohead “prevented” hackers from releasing their music. Looking at this from the inside it shines a light on how you really can’t trust everything you see online - clickbait sells. Cheers Geoff.

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1 hour ago, Phillipa C. said:

so the lossless version from bandcamp is a transcode?

No. I'll try my best to clarify. A transcoded file means that it has been encoded from a lossy format (e.g. ATRAC1, MP3, OGG etc.) into another lossy format. The original Minidisc audio is ATRAC1 and it is encoded at approximately 292 kbit/s.

ATRAC1 is a lossy format, so if you download the FLAC or ALAC release, you are not downloading a transcoded version. You are technically downloading lossy audio that is contained within a lossless audio format. This preserves the original raw audio from the Minidisc.

If you download the MP3 or OGG version, it will be transcoded.

If you want to read the deets about ATRAC you can observe ala the Wiki https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adaptive_Transform_Acoustic_Coding

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