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18 hours of Ok Computer stuff leaked?


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I'm trying to call Zimbra out. My guess is he tried to be cheeky by demanding money for it, and that was enough to piss hoserama off into releasing it for everyone. Still, it's a hypothetical and can only really be confirmed by hoserama.

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3 minutes ago, appearcomposed said:



2 minutes ago, Scatterbrain said:

Screen Shot 2019-06-06 at 2.13.22 PM.png


2 minutes ago, Fuzzyste said:

“i did not trade them to someone else. i traded with hoserama to get these. i put one song up for sale on leakthis and then everything was blown out of proportions by reddit and the news, because i didnt ever want that actual kind of money. then hoserama leaked them.”

alright jeez pipe down guys!




(it wasn't horse drama)

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To be fair. 

Hoserama only hoards recordings he himself has captured, if he had stuff that was actually the bands, I could see him leaking it to get it out there  if people are trying to get money for it... because I mean... it doesn't really belong to anyone but the band... but with soundcheck recordings, they're his, so I wager he'd treat it differently

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