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18 hours of Ok Computer stuff leaked?


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Just now, devilhood said:

Amnesiac was released June 5, 2001.

So this means

6 + 5 + 2001 + 18 + 16 + 1997 = 4043


That must mean...




If technology is going the way I think it's going, I will be alive in 4043 to witness the Radiohead event. I will report back with more details soon.

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3 minutes ago, SElmann90 said:

Any chance anyone can share a link? I would be eternally grateful 😍


Search for OK Computer Mini Discs


Below you find the track times.  



There's no admins or moderators on this site so don't be afraid to post links.  

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5 minutes ago, Fake Chinese Robert Plant said:

Also, just because I don’t feel like it’s been said yet - fuck the narcs from Reddit who were originally trying to report this to the band so that none of us would be able to hear this right now. What a bunch of fucking hall monitor-ass nerds.

As if they could un-leak it, or something... Dullards.

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To me if anything all this just shows how much their songs evolve and change over time and how they develop them. It's a fascinating insight to how they work with material. From some of the demos to the finished product. It's inspiring stuff. 

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