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18 hours of Ok Computer stuff leaked?


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On 6/5/2019 at 12:42 AM, Robjonas said:

Wow so much for this is all the useable stuff left over. Can’t seem to figure out how to listen to it. Any link pm or here would be awesome. Went to the reddit thread and can’t figure out any way to hear it. 


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37 minutes ago, Robjonas said:

Wow so much for this is all the useable stuff left over.

Now, i would be chuffed if this even unintentionally becomes sort of a way of getting people enthusiastic that these recordings exist and doing something amazing with an otherwise unhelpful situation; although I am not sure what that would be.

Radiohead for Haiti was one of the best actions they have ever taken as a group, as far as one that the public knows happened, i am sure they have made many donations privately!

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I’m not talking about donations and what they have done with their wealth. I am just saying I think Nigel said that what they released was most of the useable stuff. And more stuff from later sessions we’re a thing cause it was more digital. 

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53 minutes ago, duaessences as clay become said:

Yes, i went into that concept not based on your post! 

I remember what you are describing; i am not sure that they would have specified that there were more recordings, if they were not planning to release them.

No just the comment made it seem like the tapes from the archives of unused OKC stuff wasn't useable. But from Kida on they had digital copies. Even Ed some where that the could release a KidA box set with all the un released and un used material.


HOLY SHIT that TLW bit. Fucking Radiohead would have been Coldplay before Coldplay if their follow up to OKC had Lift and TLW on it.



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59 minutes ago, forward said:

In the 4 minute long clip with Lift and True Love Waits, what in the fuck is with the lame monstery-robot in the German accent that keeps coming up?

At first I thought it was the cookie monster, then I thought it was Yoda. I can't quite make out what it is, but I suspect it's an audio form of a watermark; essentially ruining the track. 

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IT HAS BEGUN :classic_ninja:



from the time of finding out about it to the clippies to the whole damn thing?!!



thought we'd have to wait years or possibly never get it!


all on the 18th year anne of Amnesiac (turning from a KID (eh!) to a forgetful adult mangenchild!)


oh god!

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