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18 hours of Ok Computer stuff leaked?


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2 minutes ago, Fuzzyste said:

Thought it was supposed to be from Thoms private minidisc collection? I guess its just stuff he was listening to and recording during the pre OKC sessions so he could have a reference to it all?

"not so private" Minidisc collection :classic_biggrin:

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All these 1-post posters asking for a link who will never post outside this thread FOR SHAME!



the rats have come out to play!


and they're sinking this smelly shit ship down making us frown!


casually leaving us to drown!

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28 minutes ago, hysterical.useless said:

So can someone more familiar with recording/production enlighten me as to the hodgepodge nature of this? If I were a band using this as reference material for creating an album, seems like it would be a nightmare to navigate. There's no discernible organization.

My guess, as a mini disc owner back in the day: Thom kept an audio diary/notebook that he could easily carry around and reference ideas he liked. MDs were way more portable than CDs and easy to record music onto. He could plug his portable player/recorder into most sources and add a new track. 

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