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Watch Allen vs Farrow. Whole NYC legal system covers for Woody Allen

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Watch Allen vs Farrow. NYC legal system covers for WOODY

By Girl in the Purple Dress, 
Yesterday at 09:55 AM in main forum


Child molestation is really easy to get away with and very effective for the psychological breakdown and control of another human.  The victims feels shamed, traumatized and powerless.


It should not be be too bizarre a concept that groups of a wealthy power structure have used child abuse as a weapon for coercion, blackmail and control for thousands of years.


Not just the control of the victim but of the whole family/society that is traumatized from the truth or accusation.  The point of this thread is that THE CITY could not spare Allen.  It breaks down the psychology of the entire extended familial populace.  That’s how this whole thing covers itself.  That’s why I’m being obnoxious on the internet.  What ever fun you want to have on this board is bullshit anyway.  Any flare you think you’re rocking is bullshit compared to the deluge underway.  Fuck off with yer fuck offs, I’m not stopping till I’m kicked off. You people are being dumb and need to wake up.  This is a new paradigm. Whatever you think you had going before.  It’s over.

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