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Radiohead and The Crying of Lot 49(Pynchon)

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Sergey Kusiuk (Kusiuk) was commander of an elite Ukrainian police unit, the Berkut.  Ukraine’s Special Investigations Department investigating crimes against activists identified Kusiuk as a leader of an attack on peaceful protesters on November 30, 2013, while in charge of 290 Berkut officers, many of whom took part in the beating of activists.  Kusiuk has been named by the Ukrainian General Prosecutor’s Office as an individual who took part in the killings of activists on Kyiv’s Independence Square in February 2014.  Kusiuk ordered the destruction of documentation related to the events, and has fled Ukraine and is now in hiding in Moscow, Russia, where he was identified dispersing protesters as part of a Russian riot police unit in June 2017.


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You have literal shit for brains. Good job.

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The story sees Bond pitted against the global criminal organisation Spectreand their enigmatic leader Ernst Stavro Blofeld (Christoph Waltz), who plans to launch a national surveillance network to mastermind criminal activities across the globe. 

  -From Wikipedia 




Former real estate billionaire Tim Blixseth tells Sheriff Arpaio and Mike Zullo that Dennis Montgomery claims that he “hacked into all of America” for John Brennan and James Clapper. The data harvesting was allegedly accomplished using THE HAMMER—a computer system designed and built by Montgomery. [audio above] 

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On 2/20/2021 at 12:02 PM, MarkGrace said:

Really too bad Spectre wasn't the Bond theme.

Sam Smith was used to lubricate a rope-a-dope into a fake civil rights conflict around gay politics in a bad film that’s foreshadowing an actual global take over waged by mega wealthy criminal cartels financing global surveillance systems to spy on people and run their criminal operations 

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The world has been under the control of:


City of London financial district 

the Vatican headquarters

and the us military 

Trump is still running the military 

the pope has been arrested 

and the London bank is getting fucked by the biggest wealth transfer that the world has seen in hundreds of years

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Republican Staffer RUBEN VERASTIGUI Charged With Running Pedophilia Ring




Well like I said (trigger -warning) are some of my biggest turn-ons and beast,”    

-Verastigui wrote in the direct message, per court documents. 





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12 minutes ago, Girl in the Purple Dress said:


The blackmail targets are approached with a gun, a child, & a camera. The target is ordered to rape the child on video. The target is then ordered to shoot the child on video. The target is then owned & controlled by the blackmailers until blackmail evidence loses its value.

 — Lin Wood


Jeffrey Epstein used this same blackmail scheme of child rape & child murder to either further his own interests or those of anyintelligence agency withwhom he worked.



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Vatican official raided over London property deal investigation

Investigators have raided the home and office of a senior Vatican official

The raid was part of an investigation into financial misconduct by the Vatican’s Secretariat of State 

Vatican authorities seized documents and computers belonging to Msgr. Alberto Perlasca

Perlaska led the Secretariat of States administrative office from 2009 to 2019

The investigation involves a complicated series of financial transactions involving a luxury property development in London

The investigation started in October when Vatican authorities staged similar raids at the office of the secretariat 

Authorities also raided the Vatican’s anti money laundering institution, the Financial Information Authority

Those raids resulted in the suspension of four staff at the Secretariat  of State and the Financial Information Authority 


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