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Hey all, 

I have completed a compilation of the leaked OK MINIDISC recordings. Is it appropriate to share here? Tracklist below.


I also have the full ~17 hour set tracked out as a nice FLAC fileset that is labeled nicely and I'd like to share that too.



Radiohead - MINIDISCS [HACKED] (condensed)

https://mega.nz/folder/xrJVXA5Y#pAbkzOv92Kl2tqtnXroECA FLAC

https://mega.nz/folder/8ihAEYAb#nHkMBc4V5WfaxgCA2wN09Q MP3

SIDE A - THE BAND STUFF (2 hours, 51 minutes):
01. Noise (The Tourist)
02. True Love Waits (prog)
03. True Love Waits (drums)
04. True Love Waits (bass riff with vocals)
05. movie dialogue
06. True Love Waits (full band version)
07. phone ringing
08. unused bass and organ (possibly Man of War or meant for Airbag)
09. synthesizer solo
10. Thomas Pynchon
11. Soft Pain (version 5)
12. Melatonin (alternate version or mix)
13. wake up call
14. unreleased drum machine song with A Reminder chime sample (take 2)
15. Silly Voices [found sound]
16. Touchies + Feelies
17. Ed's French Loop
18. August
19. The Cupboard Monster
20. My New Clothes (take 1)
21. radio chaser noises
22. Airbag Intro (rehearsal fragment 1)
23. Airbag Groove (rehearsal fragment 2)
24. Airbag (soundcheck, 1996-04-03 Minneapolis) (fragment)
25. Airbag (early rehearsal, take 2)
26. Tourists (early rehearsal, take 1)
27. Theme Tune / My Everyday Life
28. Motion Picture Soundtrack (early rehearsal 1)
29. Ed's Song (early Lull)
30. Exit Music (full band rehearsal jam)
31. Let Down (early demo 1) (cuts at end)
32. Everyone (The National Anthem 4-track demo)
33. Silicon Valley (early demo of Palo Alto)
34. Alien synths
35. Nude (full band version)
36. Lift, Alternate Version, Mix #1
37. noise  and Fitter Happier beeps
38. No Surprises Please (late mix 1, original speed, different vocal take)
39. Polyethylene Pt 2 (late mix with vocal effect)
40. Piano Sketch by Jonny (Paranoid Android)
41. Paranoid Android (Thom & Jonny rehearsal fragment)
42. drum solo and chatter with brief Paranoid Android discussion
43. Paranoid Android (early rehearsal, 8 minute version)
44. Unreleased Improvisation
45. Karma Police (early rehearsal)
46. I Need A Job
47. Leave Me Alone
48. Julie Got Married
49. Hospital 2 (early Last Flowers)
50. I Can't Control It, I'm Dying of Boredom (jam excerpts)
51. The State Disco
52. Piano Lie Down In The Middle Of The Road (Fitter Happier piano)
53. Attenzione (early Attention) (version 2)
54. Karma Police (reggae rehearsal)
55. Let Down (10 minute rehearsal)
56. Life In a Glasshouse (full band version)
57. Thom beatboxing to Laurie's Theme from Halloween
58. Piano 5th

SIDE B - THE SOLO SIDE (1 hour, 34 minutes):
01. Montee (Thom solo with drum machine)
02. TR-606 Song (Thom solo with drum machine)
03. Poison (early Exit Music / Life In a Glasshouse) (Thom solo) (soundcheck?)
04. Not For Sale (Thom solo)
05. Lifesaver (Thom solo)
06. Poison Lake (early Exit Music) (Thom solo)
07. Get Together (take 2) (Thom solo)
08. Maybe (Thom solo)
09. I Must Control It (Thom solo)
10. Nude (Thom solo)
11. Jonny's Ocean Song (Thom & Jonny)
12. Live A Little (Thom & Jonny)
13. Walls (Thom solo)
14. Not All Angels Have Wings 1 (early Last Flowers) (Thom solo)
15. Not All Angels Have Wings 2 (early Last Flowers) (Thom solo)
16. Life In a Glasshouse (Thom solo, very early version) 
17. Nervous (Thom solo)
18. Exit Music 2 (early Life In a Glasshouse) (Thom solo)
19. Easy Line for 'Hospital' (early Last Flowers) (Thom solo)
20. The State Disco (take 1) (Thom solo)
21. Karma Police (Thom solo acoustic, alternate lyrics, different key)
22. I Hope You Choke (Thom solo)
23. No Tomorrow (early Exit Music) (Thom solo with bg vox)
24. Mute Button (take 2) (Thom solo) 
25. Service (Thom solo)
26. 'Jaz' Song (Thom solo)
27. Science Helps Build A New India (Thom solo)
28. Silicon Valley (early Palo Alto) (with Are You Someone section) (Thom solo)
29. 1000 Miles (early Exit Music) (Thom solo)
30. This Is The Panic Office (Thom solo)
31. §? (acoustic fragment 1) (Thom solo)
32. Harmonics Riff (acoustic fragment 2) (Thom solo)
33. Lay Off The Beef (Thom solo)
34. Polyethylene Pt. 2 (Thom solo)
35. What Did You Mean (take 3) (Thom solo)
36. Tomorrow Night In Paris (take 1) (Thom solo piano)
37. A Reminder (take 1) (Thom acapella)

SIDE 3 - LIVE TRACKS (52 minutes):
01. No Surprises (soundcheck 1996-04-17 Lyon)
02. For Sale (soundcheck, maybe 1996-04-10 Washington DC)
03. Attenzione! (soundcheck 1996-03-25 Portland)
04. Lift (live 1996-03-27 San Francisco - first performance)
05. I Promise (live with early lyrics 2)
06. Electioneering (live 1996-04-10 Washington DC)
07. Airbag (live 1996-04-10 Washington DC)
08. Let Down (live early version 2)
09. Karma Police (live 1996-08-27 Pittsburgh, PA) (with alternate chorus lyrics)
10. No Surprises (live early version)
11. Paranoid Android (live 1996-08-27 Pittsburgh, PA)
12. Lift (with O Superman Intro) (live 1996-04-08 Cleveland)
13. Climbing Up The Walls (live with early lyrics 2)


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the flow to this is also terrible

split up the TLW versions as nice little haunting reminders over the whole set

you've also mislabelled (maybe reddit's fault) what is clearly Sit Down Stand Up

SIDE B - THE SOLO SIDE (1 hour, 34 minutes):

This sort of categorisation is exactly what makes TOWERING ABOVE THE REST such a chore to listen to: corralled from Excel, no respec for the tunes and their flow

Fuckin dirge this man, I mean

15. Silly Voices [found sound]
16. Touchies + Feelies
17. Ed's French Loop
18. August
19. The Cupboard Monster
20. My New Clothes (take 1)
21. radio chaser noises
22. Airbag Intro (rehearsal fragment 1)
23. Airbag Groove (rehearsal fragment 2)
24. Airbag (soundcheck, 1996-04-03 Minneapolis) (fragment)
25. Airbag (early rehearsal, take 2)

...you're not on fucking Wikipedia dude, this is going in your ears
Not a fucking catalogue
Holy shit is this ever the worst way to listen to this stuff


















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These're still pretty essential



I love the band then. Freewheeling. No pressure but what they want. Seems many songwriters have an initial flush of writing, and it's diminishing returns foreverafter.


Not Are Thom. Flourishing here. The band sound shit hot. Gawd, I love the jam stuff

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