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Should I join (and save) Radiohead

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I think your explorations recently with both playing concerts and making a record with limited rehearsal and recording time is something that would interest them!!  After all, it is not only something that has been brushed aside by non-jazz performing and recording groups, but also, over-rehearsing seems to prevail across all sorts of jazz ones as well! 

I suppose "if people are fortunate enough to be able to gig or do a session they do need to be prepared" is rational, but, your recent work to me at least really proves that there are times when the necessary preparation to allow a balance between the unknown aspects of the art is to definitively limit some of the preparations. 

i think this is one example that we have, although it is not clear how much it was or wasn't rehearsed; it certainly feels closer to having been just played through a few times, and it has aged really sweetly!!   




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