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Are you still a beautiful bastard.  Do you remember that we are the oldest members on Radiohead message boards.  I have gone through different user names but you are always Ash.  Do it for the monkey!  I remember you from followmearound to green plastic to atease.  You are a good person.  Love you Ash.  If we ever meet in person I will buy you a drink and hug you.  Love my Ash.  We’ve known each other for over 20 years now.  

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On 9/4/2020 at 10:45 AM, MarkGrace said:

Ash and I were at the same Radiohead show in Portland.  Highlight of my life.

and apparently Seancover / VANCOUVER (from 2002+ days!) was there and i didn't meet him either!




so messed up but then again so was i 'round that time!

in a way i was even MORE messed up the year before but somehow met a guy called Exit / Exxy (SEXI EXI!) him being from brazil but living in the never never glands (i think?) but in portland for a show where i also first met a guy from an animal collective board for first time too!


with exxy it was like 2004 to 2016 so like 12 years later!


and i had forgotten how he had made the artwork for an album me, jerms (the smarmy argentinian argie!) and hoody (the smuggy smarmy scottish bastard!)




the mecca monkey!

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She had some kind of narrative going on about how Thom crushed on her in a random encounter in a coffee shop and proceeded to write breakup songs and love songs that were inspired subsequently by him having witnessed her.  It was a long saga of posting and being trolled that led to an emotionally confusing row when she passed and her son could not stop posting in his grief. That part was truly sad and ugly.  Ash did an Ash post and I remember freaking out at him and probably got mod reported.  It turned me off of this place until recently as you’ve probably noticed.  So if you guys want me to stop it’s fairly high stakes to contend with.  At least by fan band message board standards.

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