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KID A/Amnesiac 20th anniversary reissue


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On 10/4/2020 at 11:38 AM, Girl in the Purple Dress said:

EOB strat is pretty affordable.  But the bridge on the headstock is not designed very well.  High E keeps sliding off the fret board.  Annoying. Easy fix though.

This is the exact reason I returned mine.

got a 2008 billy Corgan strat instead and it’s like fucking butter.

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'I got really into these hawthorn hedges in the woods near where I live. The way the branches weave together reminds me of a human brain and I love the way that the rain flows along them and the life that's lived in them - it's like this path you choose to take and it gets thinner at the end. And I used to draw these things endlessly, for weeks on end, I used to go sit in the woods and draw these trees. I still do it.' 

Did your friends stick by you through what sounds like a breakdown of some kind? 

'They were brilliant. Even when I was being a bastard , they were really cool about it. That's when you find out... and that's another cliche. What I should really be doing is wearing a cowboy hat...' 

Do you think the rest of the band is secure with your new recording methods now? You could work alone if you wanted to.

  'No, but you see, I couldn't. Well, what I'd been saying to them all along... I'm built to always work with other people.' 

What do you get from them? 

'Points of reference. Otherwise, I'd just go off in lala land and then I don't know where I am, what I'm doing. It all becomes meaningless. Because I'll get bored or frustrated. My running joke with myself is like being one of those ad executives: you know, the ideas man, the painfully annoying neurotic ones who run around banging loads of charlie and coming up with one idea a month? That sort of thing.'


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This anniversary is over when I stop wanting to listen to it


I am walking out to get blood removed


Kid A(the title track) is such a boss walking song


Have no idea why this was ever perceived as difficult. Mumbly vocoder vocals, chiming bell melody, sweet little bass surges & kick drums like heartbeats. You'd feel aggrieved to hear such pat music on Co Op FM these days (almost)

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11 hours ago, baba booey said:

i think we can all agree:


well yeah . . . 

. . . will have to edit this topic to put "Anniversary" in quotes 😏


“We were into Kraftwerk and general electronic music,” Morris told NME. “Had Joy Division continued, we would have used a lot more electronic music – but probably in a lot more of a, dare I say it, Radiohead direction rather than straight-ahead dance. It would have been atmospheric, but rhythmic I suppose.”

maybe don't dare say it

Asked if he imagined that sound would be similar to that of Radiohead’s seminal electronica-based record ‘Kid A’, Morris replied: “Yes, something like that!”

ok def don't say it

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Robert: "Was there a lot of trial and error in the making of this Kid A record?"

Jonny: "No, I don't think it was quite that random. There's not a lot of things we threw away or discounted. Is there? Colin, what do you think? There isn't loads and loads of tapes of versions or of music that we didn't like... I think we... some of it was quite slow, quite laborious."

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. “We don’t want to fall back into the pattern of releasing an album and a video every three years and then touring for it. We want to start releasing an album a year or so and tour every now and then. We definitely want to release more material.” One would have to say it’s working when Kid A debuted at the top of the Billboard 200 chart.
Greenwood has plenty to say about the recording of the album but points to some of the influences they took into the studio with them. While Yorke was going through the entire Warp records back catalogue, Greenwood and others were listening to Miles Davis (he points to Bitches Brew specifically) and ‘a lot’ of Charlie Mingus..... : “The album as a whole is a distillation of our favorite records. It basically a band copying styles of music they can’t really play. We took bits from lots of other records that other people really didn’t notice as well. I mentioned Bitches Brew and it was the drumming and the electric piano that was most exciting to us on that album. We love all these records but we can’t really play them, so we get these songs instead.”


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On 10/29/2020 at 8:42 PM, AusMakka said:

Ed said on his live Instagram video a few hours ago there is no Kid A box set. Someone asked the question.

Well there is something I want way more desperately.  Scheduled November 3 but it may not "arrive" until a little later.  

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