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KID A/Amnesiac 20th anniversary reissue


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7 hours ago, Norbett said:

Do you think his girlfriend stabbed him? He apparently stabbed himself why she was “having a shower” in an adjacent room and she didn’t hear anything. If I repeatedly stabbed myself in the chest, I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t be quiet!

i've researched this for years and i'm quite opinionated about it and there's a lot of stuff about the girlfriend (Jennifer Chiba) and Elliott's life at the time that the general public is not aware about. It's very easy to look at him or his songs and say "yeah he was so depressed! he totally did it!" but when you start comparing that to his life in 2003 (clean of drugs for the first time since 2001, working extremely hard on finishing his album, starting to play live shows again), as well as all the bizarre details and flip flopping from Chiba about what she claims happened that day, as well the lies from her about certain things such as that elliott was cutting in september 03 (easily disproved by the autopsy) or that he went cold turkey on his psych meds in august 03 (easily disproved by the autopsy). and then you look into chiba's character and how almost much everyone who's known and spoken about her since elliott's passing claims she's a total fucking psycho that's prone to aggression and manipulation. it's really hard to not think something's fishy with this case when you start to dig into it.

and i'm not saying there's some grand conspiracy or she had some ultimate motive for doing it. i'm just more inclined to believe that, if he didn't kill himself, it was something impulsive she did in a moment of passion, and it cost a guy his life.

i'm very strong on where i stand on this, but also i want elliott to be remembered for his wonderful, wonderful, music and history rather than "the guy that died" so yeah. i do a lot of research and writing about his music too, to counteract the times when i feel the urge to go on a paragraph long tangent about his passing.

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some 10/10, super smart, super witty, super funny (all attributes i have too) girl was really into me and i was too coward to act on it. now she's gone forever. maybe we could've spent the rest of our lives together. where would i be right now if i had listened to my gut.

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tell me tell me tell me what am i supposed 2 do

i never had another granny look like u

every time i see u girl my johnny get hard

harder than the handle on the rake in my yard

harder than the brown stone brick on my house

if i ever ever ever get u into my mouth

i'll drink u like a 40 in an alcoholic's hand

baby can't u understand

i'm in ?????????? cuz ur love is tantalizing

and it's got me burning rubber in my pants

but i can't ????????? fine eye of romance

u got 2 know how 2 make love 2 me

below and above me

in the back of a bmw, see

the bang bang boogie???????

cuz johnny will make u dance

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On 5/4/2020 at 9:10 AM, appearcomposed said:

i want elliott to be remembered for his wonderful, wonderful, music and history rather than "the guy that died"

oh man i'm just the opposite


rather than be remembered for my at ease posts I would rather actually WANT to be remembered solely for "that guy who kept pointing out that e. smith was FUCKING DEAD!"



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i think i just saw a bug in my shower. smaller than you'd expect but bigger than small.

i can't be sure because i didn't look long and i'm too scared to go back and check.

but then if i go back and nothing's there i'm forced to live with the constant fear of it being anywhere.

i don't know what i'm going to do

i don't kill living things because i respect all life

i hope it crawls back down my drain

help me.

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36 minutes ago, MarkGrace said:

Crush it in the ground and see if it grows wings.

i literally don't know what i'm going to do. i haven't set foot in my bathroom since.

i might walk across the street to the gas station and shower in the sinks for the time being.

i'm such a pussy


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