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Here's what I think...

Basically, the "new Admins" that took over at one point dragged the forum down.

What happened was that a few people quite and the guys in charge started "randomly" banning people for no apparent reason. As many of you are probably aware, there's been an at times overtly rough tone on certain areas of the board. However, roughly around 2013, that was mostly gone. Yeah, people were aloof and a lot of "alter ego" nihilism/shitposting was going on, but most (if not all) were pretty lovely fellas outside the board and by the mentioned time, it had pretty much fizzled down entirely.

However, when a bunch of people got banned for seemingly no reason, it became clear that things just went out of hand. I clearly remember posting some legit questions and stuff in the Moon Shaped Pool thread on there, which got pretty much "insta deleted", with one of the mods threatening me to ban me if I continued... which is nuts, as I mostly cared for the music and movies subs and never went to the insane trolling heights common on Gen.

By the end, it clearly devolved to favoritism and the Admins essentially losing themselves in the "alternate reality" the board so well managed to establish. It's a shame. The 2000-2012 times were absolutely wonderful. And yes, Ash is sorely missed.

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  • 11 months later...

oh shit I whiffed on the 1 year anne!


apparently nothing fucking matters any more in this modern day age?




hell even the 50 year of THE MOON I had been hyped about YEARS and years ago didn't feel mulch like anything!


fuck it!





we are SO fucked!

it is not even amusing!



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