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Radiohead have a long history of clearly and succinctly communicating the band's future intentions.

The spelling is actually "whoops". Educate yourself before posting again please. Unbelievable.

Thanks y'all.  I got lucky and had "good" cancer. Low risk of recurrence. I should have many years ahead of me in which to think back nostalgically about the collagen I used to have.  But as I've

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On 7/14/2018 at 11:38 AM, Foiegrastyle said:

What is this going to sound like even? We got the getting-back-to-RH IR, Thom-loopy TKOL, Jonny orchestral-bass face AMSP

now what?

Trying to think of influences they haven’t mined in their music yet

I wouldn’t be surprised if it was another back to basics rock album like HTTT but with more of a metal influence (given that Thom and Jonny have both name dropped Boris in the last year), in so far as Radiohead can have a metal sound.

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2 hours ago, booger bear said:

No Thom will always want to collaborate with Jonny.  It will be Ed or Phil who will end Radiohead.  

I'm a firm believer that Ed has been the reason why Radiohead stayed a cohesive unit. He seems to be the logical no-nonsense guy that is happy to take a punch and retaliate with "I still love you. Let's all calm down OK?". I bet the worst thing he's ever done is infect a computer with a porn virus.

Funny how the quiet ones end up being the most ambitious. Phil and Jonny have been very busy as writers. We're still waiting for Ed's WIP album "Dried Fruit" and Colin's collaboration with Sherbert Handcock.

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On 7/16/2018 at 9:16 PM, hysterical.useless said:

I randomly watched the Lotus Flower video earlier today, then saw this picture cross my feed and was reminded again: my god, how has Thom aged so much in just seven years.


At a certain point in middle age all the collagen flees the body en mass. 

Don't ask me how I know this. :classic_dry:

Also if you're a middle-aged man who doesn't shave you'll easily look ten years older than you are. Nothing says "grandpa" like a bunch of grey scruff.

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Definitely think that has contributed as well. Sorrow and hardship ages you like nothing else... I know I feel like I've aged a good decade in the two years since my diagnosis. I never felt my age before this.

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5 minutes ago, booger bear said:

Myth what do you mean your diagnosis.  Are you okay?


As far as anyone knows, I am now. Two years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer... thinking about this actually made me go look and yesterday was the anniversary of the mammogram I had after I found the lump, as it turns out. I'm currently wrapping up breast reconstruction and am on hormone therapy for the next 5–10 years to prevent recurrence, but for all intents and purposes am considered "cured" of cancer. I'll feel better about saying that when I get past the five-year milestone though.

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Thanks y'all. :classic_love:

I got lucky and had "good" cancer. Low risk of recurrence. I should have many years ahead of me in which to think back nostalgically about the collagen I used to have. :classic_laugh: But as I've noted elsewhere, it's why Decks Dark is such a meaningful song for me.

I listened to AMSP almost exclusively during my first year of treatment, because I found it extremely soothing. A few measures into BTW a deep thrumming string note kicks in, and something about the resonance of it causes part of my brain to just unclench, like taking an auditory xanax. All of Daydreaming but especially the orchestral part at the end has the same effect.

And then the lyrics of Decks Dark would come along and just reach in and put a finger on the whole experience I was having... that whole first verse, right? Read it in the context of having a major medical diagnosis. Tumor dimensions on pathology reports, this dread circumference. The grass grows over me? At risk of being overly emotional about Radiohead lyrics for this board, I will just say that the song was a dark comfort to me.

I drove myself to six weeks of radiation, five days a week, just enough time to play BTW through DID on the way in. Every time, without fail.

On my very last day, when DID came on I suddenly heard the lyrics to it as though for the first time: so let me go upon my way... into another life. Released.

It's going to be tough for Radiohead to top AMSP for me. I hope I love LP10 for entirely different reasons though.

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