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What’s next for you guys?  Ed:  We’re taking a break from the band. We’ve been doing touring. We’ve all got other projects that we want to get on with. We’re talking at the moment about what excites [us]. That’s always the spark that gets things moving along with us, particularly after 30 years.

Next year is the 20th anniversary of Kid A — how does that feel?  Phil: It was interesting with the OK Computer release that we did. Having a chance to go back in, go through that entire archive and realize how much work was generated at that point. I think there’s a similar thing around Kid A as well. We’ve not listened back to the outtakes and the other things we were working. I know there’s a wealth of stuff there.

Whenever you make a record there’s a time when you are collectively, individually, emotionally, physically — sometimes you leave these things open. With Ok Computer, we closed that door. Kid A was a difficult album to make. It’ll be interesting. Opening that one will be interesting. It’ll all come flooding back. It wasn’t the happiest of times. But I think the music was pretty good.


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And a bit of Ed's HOF thanks:

"But my biggest thank you is for my brothers, Thom, Colin and Johnny. All musicians know and fans know: It’s an incredible journey. It’s truly extraordinary. We’re not doing run-of-the-mill stuff. It’s amazing. We’ve been doing it for 34 years and are still doing it. I want to thank them for their integrity, their authenticity, their commitment. None of these things you should take for granted. I also want to thank them for the musicians they are. That thing when we play together; that collective sound that we make. Some of the nights we have in the rehearsal studio where they’re like transcendental moments. I thank them for that. But most of all I want to thank them for this deep, deep friendship. We could’ve done this without this love for one another but there’s such a deep, deep bond and it’s a beautiful thing. So thank you. I love you."

Ready for your solo record, Ed. 

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7 hours ago, Bacon said:

Taking a break from the band isn't anything new. They'll at least come back next year for the Kid A reissue and then in 2021 to record LP10 most likely.

Absolutely agree.  I don't follow other bands at all, but RH seem to have an excellent handle on combining living with various projects and interests, only one of which is RH.  Maybe there are other bands who also have each member designing guitars, composing for films and orchestra, doing DJ/VJ sets with live vocals (what do we call the TMB tour genre?) etc.  Confirming that they are taking a break means we can adjust our timelines for what to expect, without the "end of RH" angst some people have.  

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I feel like we need an LP10 thread and then a 'what's the next reissue?' or general trove thread.

Anyway I think it's confirmed we're getting something, which still feels very foreign and a bit wrong for a band like Radiohead, but then again they've mellowed with age... they even play their biggest hits and singalongs as set-closers now! But I wonder if we're going to get it to fall on the Kid A or Amnesiac side of 20 years?

October 2 – the 20th year mark – falls on a Tuesday next year; could be a good time to drop the information or start teasing out a few things on the internet. Which really is the best thing about being a Radiohead fan, because they always fuckin nail the art, most of the music, cohesion, and sense of event. But June 4 2021 is a Friday, meaning the 20th anniversary falls the next day.

Also, what tracks really are there? I know a few things got attempted and wound up on later albums, but I wonder if we'll get those on a tape? Actual unreleased tracks are c-minor song/Say The Word, Johnny Scott Walker Song, Innocent Civilians, I Froze Up, and I guess Follow Me Around but I doubt we'll see that (and if we do, it'll probably be some half-half mix of old and new takes).

The thing I really hope they give a shit about is going all-out on the zeitgeist. They got especially into the internet around then. Leaking their own stuff for this wouldn't shock me either but I really hope we get some complex, fun, jigsaw puzzle-y website with all sorts of shit on it. A webcast would be very very welcome too...

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We are all old.  Followed the band since I was 13.  I'm old now.  I am looking forward to the Kid A re-issue next year.  I am certain it will happen.  It's Thom's favorite album and Colin was in the recording vaults recently.  

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Radiohead were such a massive internet/forum band and now they have people on reddit as internet representation...

They should let most of us all have a lager and listen to a bunch of old tracks.

They're terrible at simple things like album sequencing and selection let alone knowing how a song should sound. Imagine how many great takes we'll never get to hear? Silly old cunts.

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On 4/2/2019 at 12:54 AM, booger bear said:

We are all old.  Followed the band since I was 13.  I'm old now.  I am looking forward to the Kid A re-issue next year.  I am certain it will happen.  It's Thom's favorite album and Colin was in the recording vaults recently.  

I turn 40 this year! Feels fucking weird man. Time flies.

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I Froze Up is terrible, that Cambridge version is like the old cunt is making it up as he goes along.

Lots of the remaining unreleased songs have that issue tbh, they just meander. Some have no variation, but that one has the most phoned in, noncommittal verses I've heard.

Skirting On The Surface could be a really good (and unique) song if they make it a bit heavier and funkier. Don't overproduce it, don't slow it down. Let it breathe but give it something.

Open The Floodgates needs to be really white, cold feeling. Just Thom and the piano. The best bit about that one is the space. You really enjoy those piano tickles and the 'aahh-aaaa-aah' melody sticks out a lot because of it.

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Open the Floodgates needs a new title and a new title lyric.

Come to think of it, so does Skirting on the Surface.

LP10 tracklist prediction:

  1. Open the Floodgates
  2. Skirting on the Surface
  3. Beating around the Bush
  4. The Tip of the Iceberg
  5. The Last Straw
  6. Speak of the Devil
  7. When Pigs Fly
  8. The Cat's Out of the Bag
  9. Dog's Dinner
  10. Eye for an Eye

Actually, Phil has probably already made this album.

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