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Since about The Bends actually.

If this album doesn't produce another hit they'll probably get dropped!

Wow Thom looks absolutely worn out in MPIE, I wonder if they'll bother making another album?

OMG the album closes with "I will see you in the next life", ah well thanks for the music guys.

Well they're on a six-album deal so I guess HTTT could be the last one.

"This is my way of saying goodbye"?????? This is it, guys.

"Finally I'm free of all the weight I've been carrying"????? This is it, guys.

Oh wow there's 9 letters in Radiohead and this is their ninth LP. This is it, guys.

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12 hours ago, Duff said:

Fans love to imagine that the most recent Radiohead album will be the last because it makes the moment feel dramatic and romantic and urgent. They've been doing it since In Rainbows came out.

I remember people saying that when Hail to the Thief came out too...A Wolf at the Door did have a final feeling to it.

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20 hours ago, chernobyl2 said:

Also, literally everything they've said about Radiohead's future in the last two years has either implied or in some cases explicitly stated they're excited for the future and want to keep going.


I think this is what drives me the most crazy about it, tbh. The band have given absolutely no indication they are quitting, and in fact have at times, and pretty recently by Thom, outright said the exact opposite.

Also, I was at the last show in Philly last year and you could just feel the love they have for each other and playing and making music together. They have a bond that is unlike most rock bands, so I guess the general expectations about rock bands gets people's minds going when a band has been around as long as Radiohead.

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Thom literally said late last year on camera that Radiohead will be getting back together to release another album, and when the interviewer said "I hope you guys do" he rolled his eyes and said "we will." I feel like the band finds it almost comedic how scared everyone is all the time that they may stop. 

Ed implied he wouldn't mind touring when they're as old as The Rolling Stones as long as they continue to make solid records.

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5 hours ago, Black Jesus said:

His voice is fine though? Especially on record. He's always been hit or miss live even in his prime.

I agree, it's actually particularly good as of last year (I don't think he's performed some of the songs last tour that well since maybe 2003.) But it's inarguable that there has been a significant loss of power since he was 30, and falsetto tends to diminish with age - so I don't think old age is going to bode well for him.

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Potentially, the album is representative of in some ways of what George Harrison described wishing they did with the 1968 album, to create one cohesive album with the best music they had recorded.

I am certain that there are at least many unique and dynamic sequences of music that could happen by trying to form a double album that would include some or all of A Moon Shaped Pool.  Possibly wsome of the additional music would be from solo projects, which sounds somewhat unadvisable, but many of the white album songs are closer to, or literally, solo music and it adds quite a lot!

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