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Post whatever the FUCK you want because this place is about to be shut down

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Oh by the way, which one's Pink?

And you have my favourite avatar! 

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On 10/29/2019 at 11:59 AM, booger bear said:

Dude made money covering Thom's music.  I'm glad that Thom fucked his wife and her friend.  Fuck that guy.  A lot of people can play the piano.  Doesn't make you special that you can play an instrument.  He was a dick to other members on the earlier version of Atease.  I'm glad he got cucked.  Also, if we are going on it's last legs, fuck Ade.  

Did this really happen, or is it weird atease fan fic? Wasn't Thom still married at the time?

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If it is true, it doesn’t matter. People are allowed to have consensual sex - even with (shock horror!) more than one person at once. Implying rape or inappropriate conduct in a vague fashion just adds to the rumor mill. If there really are known facts about someone behaving in an inappropriate way, it may be better to be direct about it instead of just stirring the pot. Also, I object to the use of me too as a verb. The movement was started out of a real need to express how widespread abuse and the silencing of abuse is. Just wanted to get this off my chest. I apologise if it came across as preachy but I feel quite strongly about this stuff.

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Radiohead stride out onto stage in 2022, the fans joyously awaiting them, new material rumoured, or a set of classics, you can't go wrong with radiohead


A funny little loop plays as Ed steps up to the mic


Who knows where we're going? And who knows where the flow is? Young winding, boomer bust Ponzi schemes, in God we trust In God we trust

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