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/Reddit is a pretty decent forum for Radiohead related fan topics. Love how the same questions are asked hourly Incase you missed the last 30 times it’s was asked in the last 15 mins. All the fan art

Here’s what’s cool about the Lotus Flower drums: it’s a one-bar loop, which is just cool unto itself it flips - it’s placed in different places in the bar at different parts of the song (

The mixing errors, or what seem like errors, could be entirely subjective. I feel like that little ditty at the beginning is an out-take of a song that spawned the idea for Lift, almost like a nod. It

just cold you play it doesn't mean it's there there!

4 hours ago, Zane said:

I might get one of those posh toupèes in a couple of years


4 hours ago, Zane said:

Just because it’s in 5/4 doesn’t mean it’s good!!


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The James bond thing is a bit embarrassing

I dunno though I don't watch James bond. I don't need power fantasies of being a murderous tool of an empire who fucks and snuffs his way through life

Seems a bit odd for a band with such clever, universal tunes that, generally, skew away from the disgusting objectification of rock whereby politics does not exist and women are simply fuck pieces of varying kinds, hopes? Dreams? Fuck off, the boot of the great British empire is going to stamp you down & anyone but middle class white males can suck the boot clean until but including your dying breath as you lie there in the dirt, pounded into mud, choking on the fascism of inadequate men

... I am available for children's parties

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Finally doing evocative, bleepy guitar classic True Love Waits as an echo-drenched, mealy mouthed piano ballad at the end of an album that will permanently vibrate with the haunting stink of genuine personal tragedy has all-but ruined the song in terms of how often I'll actually ever want to listen to it

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