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This Doesn't Deserve Its Own Thread - Radiohead Edition


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I am not sure whether the longtime concept on atease (trying to remember the thread title, it was a bit complex!) is something that Radiohead will actually do, but, the ideas in this article make it seem a bit closer to being possible.  Also i guess if Flea really finds it to have been good, he and Thom and Nigel will talk about it at some point.

Even at this concert it is possible that some sort of solo version of Pyramid Song on guitar may happen! 

Now, I don't think the sole original inspiration for the atease thread was necessarily specifically that it would be quite astonishing to one day bring those two, the song and unusual ancient artwork, together, but it is quite a compelling aspect of it! 

Perhaps having a concert or two there during a tour in 2021 that would include many Amnesiac songs would be a bit "on the nose", but there isn't a nose there on which to be! 


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A rare cool thing from Reddit. Someone found something new hidden in Karma Police.


I found out that the little blurb at the end of the chorus going into the outro (0:40 - 0:47) was thom singing Hes like a detuned radio (along with the whole band) but reversed and sped up using a tape machine. I have provided a sound cloud link below to describe what i did to figure this out:


First clip: This was just a reference from where the noise is located in the track. You can only hear the last part of it in the actual song because the other half wasn't included.

Second clip: The origin of that noise is from the track off of the OKNOTOK Cassette called: Karma Police in Space Echo (If you ever wondered why the end of Karma Police sounds so weird its because Thoms voice and guitar was put through alot of echo) anyway, the noise plays at the beginning of the track and that's what I've sampled and put in the track.

Third Clip: I reversed the clip so it would play forwards correctly. You can make out the words detuned radio but they are really high pitched. However, you notice that the end of the clip slows down and modulates a bit. This makes me suspect that they used a tape machine to reverse it and vary the speed of the audio to produce this effect

Fourth/Fifth Clip: I pitched shifted the audio clip down a lot to make it easier to hear detuned radio. This is where i noticed that either they actually used that section from the studio version of the song or another take of it. I provided the portion of the song where Thom sings detuned radio just for some context!

After Figuring this out I am amazed on how they put so much effort into a blurb in song that is only audible for a few seconds. I dont think I could ever be this in meticulous my own music. Props to the boys for making music that still amazes me 22 years from when it was released! I should probably continue doing my homework now...

TL;DR: The backwards vocal during the fill from the chorus to the outro is actual the "hes like a detuned radio" part sped up and reversed.


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