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  1. Let's talk about how great and underrated Banana Co and India Rubber are. From their production to melodies to vocal performance, they're just very very lovely. At least we have a few videos of Banana Co live, nothing of India Rubber, unless there's a live audio version floating around somewhere.
  2. Staircase literally just came on after I searched and played Cymbal Rush. Didn't recognize it at all, other than it being a song I knew I'd heard. I was like "...is this Thom solo? Maybe Radiohead? No...Atoms For Peace. Yeah, Atoms For Peace." Then the vocals came in and I was like "Ooooohhh." Yeah, still not a fan.
  3. I admit I didn't realize it was pitches. But its the same pitch 99% of the time, lol. Which is honestly pretty fucking amazing to be able to make a song still work that way. This song gets better on multiple listens. Let's be honest, it's the Radiohead track on the record.
  4. I found it pretty hard to concentrate on this record but in any case... It's ok. Only a few tracks that would draw me back. Traffic, Dawn Chorus, maybe Not the News? Maybe? Impossible Knots, the bassline almost sounds like the melody for The English Beat's Mirror in the Bathroom. Axe is surely about his synth(s)/computer? Dawn Chorus did give me chills this time around. Traffic is like a mix between The Gloaming, Feral and Brain In a Bottle. But yeah, still doesn't hold a candle to The Eraser overall. But better than past efforts. -shrug-
  5. Sorry, shoulda multi-quoted but can't figure out how to edit it. Yeah and the fact that he says "better than another cake" does fall in line with the lyrics he sings in the soundcheck video "you're baking a cake" though of course I think a lot of that is just mumble lyrics and him finding his way with it, but who knows. I mean Nigel apparently confirmed it's real but wasn't good enough for the OKC tapes. Blah!
  6. Yeah I believe it is, like just one little blip.
  7. Damn. Guess here's some info. Guy on youtube said he met Thom and Nigel after their show (6 months ago) and asked about Dogwander: Hylton E6 months ago I met Thom after his show last night and asked what happened to this song. He tapped his head and said "you probably know better than I do". Then I met Nigel a few minutes later and asked him the same thing, specifically why it wasn't on the tape in the OKC 20th Anniversary box set. He said that it was in the running but "it wasn't good enough"! Ayyyy 😞
  8. I'm gonna actually sit and listen to this with headphones while reading the lyrics. Too many people saying it is actually good. Only one listen through my TV soundbar/sub so, we'll see...
  9. Based off what MarkGrace just re-posted for me in the RS article about Nigel putting together AMSP, sounds about right. I didn't even realize it's been 3 years since AMSP. Feels like maybe two. It's funny cause there's been all this "hype" for it (especially since that guy claimed he worked for XL and knew shit), but I was thinking to myself like, "I...really don't think they've been working on it." So hearing this makes perfect sense to me, but does suck. And if that's the case, that means 2021 or 2022 new RH record. Yikes.
  10. What about destroying your voice out drinking at bars the night before? Did he ever try and account for that? Or I guess he wouldn't strain it too bad and then saved it day of shows.
  11. Anyone remember the interview where Thom said something like "We had no idea what to do with that one. And so we stepped out and Nigel I guess just pieced all this shit together while we were out and we came back and he had the whole thing figured out." Did I make that up? I swear Thom said something like that in an interview. And this isn't the same as the one as "We stepped out and Jonny (or whoever) stripped everything from Videotape and we realized that was the best version". Trying to remember what song he was talking about that Nigel saved basically. Or maybe it was a whole album or something, like Kid A or HTTT. Where they had a bunch of stuff and then Nigel found all the good bits or something.
  12. I just can't believe with 17 hours of "new" OKC era material we didn't get Dogwander, which all we have is that gritty half-baked version in that video of a soundcheck showing what could have been 😪
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