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  1. My guess is they tried Dawn Chorus in the AMSP sessions and couldn't get it right.. so Thom kept fiddling with it and ended up with something he liked solo. It was the name of their company at that time. So -- still no link for Ladies and Gentlemen?
  2. anyone want to PM me the b-side (Ladies and Gentleman thank you for coming)
  3. Anyone have the bonus track yet? PM?
  4. Correct. I'm not necessarily saying it's my favorite, but many critics agree it is among his best tracks.
  5. Unlike Dylan, who arguably left his best song unreleased, it seems clear that Radiohead doesn't sit on anything really great. Virtually ever song that was recorded during OK Computer and then re-recorded at a later date substantially improved. In Rainbows Nude is a million times better than the OKC version. True Love Waits got a lot better. National Anthem and Glass House got better. Honestly, I am a bit surprised that such a great album didn't have more great outtakes. Most of them are outtakes for a reason. The only exception I can think of is Lift. But maybe I missed a few gems in the leak.
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