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  1. He sang a few times about dinosaurs too, didn't he?
  2. I mean, it is normal that your voice gets worse when getting older. But with Thom it has gotten worse quicker and sooner that with other artists, no? You could already hear the change in the 2006 tour. But it was still good then. But since In Rainbows it went downhill quickly. Mick Jagger, Paul McCartney, Neil Young, ... Their got worse too but not the same like with Thom. Can always get worse though. Bob Dylan for example...
  3. Nice. I like Thom too, but I don't worship him (anymore). Cheers.
  4. That post title "Finally something that isn't cringe" is so cringe. And those comments. The fuck. https://old.reddit.com/r/radiohead/comments/jnv56x/finally_something_on_twitter_that_isnt_cringe_to/
  5. It needs more of the "ah ah aaaaaaaaaaaah you fell intooo our aaaaaaaAAAAAAaaaaaarrmmss"
  6. I'm doubting now. I remember it that it was someone else his tracklist that he quoted, but I might be wrong. I looked it up and this was his post. When I read it now it might be his own tracklist he made somewhere in a notebook of his.
  7. Sometimes I wonder if I even want them to make a new album. I feel like they haven't it in them to make an album that would improve their discography. Their last 2 are bottom 3 along with Pablo Honey for me. And Thom just cannot sing anymore. Edit: but when it will be announced, I will be a psyched fanboy again.
  8. Apart from that, this album has a special place for me. Not their best, but because of nostalgia. June 2003, was 14 years old, did not know much of music, and was allowed to go for the first time to the Rock Werchter festival 1 mile from my home. Only 3 bands played the first day: Björk, Radiohead and Underworld. The organisers added a fourth day to the festival on Thursday (normally only Fri-Sun), just so that they could have Radiohead in the line-up. Did not know anything of them but liked it and bought the album the week after and kept listening on repeat.
  9. I feel like people (not saying you Glitchd) generally put too much value to this "alternative tracklist". What happened is, Thom saw a tracklist somewhere (official message board or waste central, if I remember correctly) and quoted it along with a comment like "hmm", insinuating that he likes it. He did not make an announcement like "Hey look everyone, this is the alternative tracklist I made".
  10. https://old.reddit.com/r/radiohead/comments/jh3obr/beep_boop_depression_radiohead/ There is nothing bleep bloob about Radiohead. R2D2 is bleep bloob. Not Kid A or The King of Limbs...
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