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  1. Do you not worry about your mental health when you talk to yourself on a dead Radiohead message board?
  2. Thank you, that’s very cool of you. Hope you enjoy it
  3. does anyone ever know what this person is saying
  4. Still think Earls Court night 2 is the best Thom performance. Energy, improvising, tuning..
  5. He can sing still amazingly well when he really tries
  6. The bit where he moans about a crowded train
  7. Yeah it’s sad to watch. Of all the things to do with your time.
  8. That’s not very nice. How could anyone not love Ed?
  9. Tbh I think they need a new producer or someone to write with them or help arrange the tunes
  10. But why would I bother trying to do that? People have to find music naturally right
  11. They’ve got it in them I believe but they have to ditch the reluctance to have any energy on a record and rock out a bit
  12. Funny that a bloke would promote a Radiohead related release on a Radiohead message board.
  13. Ah yes, shtick on an internet message board is a deep glimpse into my broken psyche.
  14. I figured that this place may be interested and, surprise surprise, a couple of people were. That’s all it amounts to. You’ve also mistaken many jokey comments as me being serious. If you think I’m ever actually seriously bigging myself up then you’ve misunderstood quite spectacularly.
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