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  1. Same, I completely agree. That whole show is tops, but Kid A is the top of the top.
  2. My thoughts exactly. The very first version on disc 1 sounds like an outtake from The Bends, chords-heavy acoustic guitar driven. So cool to hear how the song got deconstructed melodically, plus the addition of the riff - curious how that was added so late, though. There's another electric version about halfway through disc 4 that is another gem.
  3. Thanks. I dove in hard and took notes as I went along. I agree with your earlier comments about how this shows how good they are at editing and being discerning with regard to their songs, melodies, tones, style, etc ... editing and perspective may be Radiohead's best skill. That was my big takeaway. They're obviously geniuses, but the true genius might be their ability to hone in on the best of what they've created and make it as good as can be. I would say that the cream definitely rose to the top for the OK Computer material. That said, a lot of this stuff is pure gold to someone like me
  4. Here are my highlights. Disc 1 15:54 - 22:29 True Love Waits (early version, full band arrangement) 38:13 - 43:11 Airbag (early version, The Bends-esque arrangement) Disc 2 1:00:53 - 1:06:18 unknown instrumental piece Disc 3 12:10 - 16:11 Nude (early version, alt OKNOTOK cassette version, more vocals) Disc 4 33:01 - 38:04 Motion Picture Soundtrack (very different early version) 43:02 - 48:02 Airbag (early electric version) 48:03 - 53:27 The Tourist (early version) 53:21 - 57:34 Palo Alto (early) Disc 5 5:43 - 13:44 Paranoid Android (early version, lo
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