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  1. People have been saying this exact thing since 2008. Just stop already.
  2. I bet we get Kid A/Amnesiac as one package in fall 2020
  3. Wow, Thom really needs an editor. This album is 15 minutes too long. its also uhhh not very good
  4. 95/96 TLW, Disc 15 Lift, 06 Videotape, 09 TPT they ruin songs all the time honorable mention: leaving Cuttooth off Amnesiac
  5. Ah yes, Nights into Dreams. The Radiohead of video games
  6. I wonder what the timeline is for all of this? How long did the XL intern, Zimbra, or Fakerama have these recordings?
  7. This has all been a bit like opening Pandora’s box. Now that we know they have some crazy, high quality shit in their vaults you can only wonder what else they recorded. I know 09 TPT and 96 TLW exist recorded somewhere
  8. Imagine not even being wanted by Weezer fans
  9. I’m bummed we didn’t get the 96 version of TLW, but the bass-y version in the leak is still interesting to hear.
  10. Judging by Disc 16 they were originally going to have A Reminder and Lift added on as the last 2 songs of OK Computer
  11. Like, these versions sound pretty much album ready and complete. Is it possible they lost the 18 mini discs in the process of making OKNOTOK and they had to improvise? Maybe not the leaker legit stole them and not just ripped them. Then again, we probably would have heard about something like that happening...
  12. In light of the leaks I actively hate the OKNOTOK version now. The idea that they would include that version over 15 or 16.1/16.2 is seriously one of their most baffling decisions.
  13. I love how Identikit turned out. It’s my fav AMSP track
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