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  1. Glitchd


    Snarky rejoinder
  2. OK so you love it and that makes it objectively good Lmao you're not God
  3. Historically interesting but almost certainly, musically speaking, shit
  4. What do you mean speech patterns Any handwriting on radiihead art was thoms
  5. Dirty Thom https://www.reddit.com/r/radiohead/comments/5t4m8i/comment/ddlkenj
  6. On reflection I understand why they would not hawk their private minidiscs unless prompted To them it probably seems like the actions of a desperate band, one as likely to put out a Greatest Hits as record a new chart smash They're DJs, their webcam nights used to be cool, they're SELEKETAS I think Radiohead see the album as the statement you build up to So the minidiscs are like the components that merely add up up to the whole Like if I baked you a cake. And it was such a scrumptious mmmm amazing FUCK MAN SINCE WHEN COULD YOU BAKE cake mmm! To the point you start buggin me for the recipe. So I put out a recipe book with a few inaccuracies but yknow. You keep buggin me. That FUCKING CAKE! And you want to see the eggshells and you want to see the fuckin flour bag, the lot. And Genius Me, Cake Queen of Chicago/Not Chicago would just be all, Radiohead like, "Sheeeit dawg I threw all that shit out. The cake's the thing yo. Now get off my property"
  7. This still moves through my heart, from time 2 time.
  8. These're still pretty essential I love the band then. Freewheeling. No pressure but what they want. Seems many songwriters have an initial flush of writing, and it's diminishing returns foreverafter. Not Are Thom. Flourishing here. The band sound shit hot. Gawd, I love the jam stuff
  9. Are they too old to load up on speed with all their equipment in a ballroom and just THRASH SHIT OUT, piecing together what was recorded, CAN-like? That'd be pretty damn assed.
  10. Woke up with Thom singing in my head Are you looooooonely
  11. A Lift Shaped Pool is a song I'll never willingly listen to ever again To think there is an ever darker timeline where that is the only studio versh we ever have! A moon shaped boot
  12. Cor do this band like hawking shit A calandar. That book one (March, presumably) better be a full & Frank explanation & appy olly loggy for the lack of Kid A Minidisc or whatever our fevered dreams desired back in the impossibly gorgeous optimistic before-time of 2019
  13. obligations complications routines and schedules drug and kill you bruises that won't heal
  14. In House of Cards apparently its /ill do mine/ I always thought it was Deal? forget about your house of cards and I'll deal mine Which is like, fitting n good and nobody would complain ever as it fits the metaphor n all that shit This is Beautiful Lumps and Swell /Once As Well all over again
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