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  1. So...it’s sounding like Radiohead fans aren’t too overly blown away with ANIMA. Time for LP10?
  2. Too early for me to say one way or the other, but yeah; my initial reaction is that it’s pretty below average.
  3. Well, the 60% was correct! It was something we’ve never heard before.
  4. Well, Dawn Chorus is something completely unheard until now! End the years of speculation.
  5. Don’t have the reference handy, but I also remember somebody in the band mentioning that they might want to try more of a live sound like OKC or IR
  6. Does anybody have a working link? Can’t find anything anywhere. DM would be awesome!
  7. What do you think you would have said if somebody told you in April 2016 that right now, we’d have full quality studio recordings of Burn the Witch, Present Tense, True Love Waits, Big Boots and multiple recordings of Lift?
  8. It’s borderline rude that the band never released this version of Lift!
  9. Wow!!!! Thought this would probably be a bunch of bogus when I first saw the link, but this is incredibly legit. Biggest Radiohead news since AMSP. That second version of Lift on disc 16 is incredible.
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