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  1. Someone is gonna die tonight (tomorrow if the frog storms are too hard)
  2. One Scottish person did, but that may be an exaggeration
  3. Without EEEEEEDDDDDDDDDDDD Lift is a lesser angel
  4. Might be Blind Willie McTell. Though that did eventually come out on the Bootleg series (official releases)
  5. Tomorrow Night in Paris is the only one of the 'new' songs that sounded promising to me. I like the versions of Lift on 15/16 and though they could have put it out as a standalone single later on OK Computer wouldn't have been a better album with Lift included
  6. Point taken :) though I've never met a girl who calls herself Dan (it's usually Dani) but maybe I need to just meet more people
  7. It was a boy called Little Dan Clements (it's on the white cassette)
  8. Could anyone please send me mp3 of Tomorrow Night in Paris?
  9. Disc 5 18:08 very peculiar jam, sounds like a hammond organ freak out to me, but I quite liked it
  10. I agree. The one about 10 minutes into Disc 6 is sort of getting there but It just works better stripped down to voice and guitar/piano
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