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  1. Those cello covers are fucking amazing.
  2. Agreed. I want some oomph, some heaviness, some rock. As much as I love AMSP, I’m hungry for something a bit heavier and with more balls.
  3. Ridiculous though it is, pretty impressive actually.
  4. You should seriously do it. I’ve seen him perform this material three times now (and probably four more times this year), and it has helped me understand and enjoy this mostly electronic material (and Thom) much more. And they’re really fun shows too. The bass really makes it work for me.
  5. Agreed. I've been fantasizing/hoping that we get extended mixes of some/most of these songs. I also wish some of the songs, e.g. Impossible Knots were heavier, as they are live. More oomph. But overall I'm loving the album.
  6. I think it's currently only available on Netflix. If I was you I would try torrent sites to see if anyone has uploaded it yet. Pirate Bay doesn't have it. Good luck!
  7. That's crazy talk. I think it's his best solo album so far, though I do love some of Eraser more than some of ANIMA.
  8. LOL! Yeah, the track is definitely not OTFG.
  9. I think it will be. His live performances of the new material have been mostly fantastic. Took me a while to warm up to it, but now I think it's some of his best solo work.
  10. For me it's a tie between Traffic and Impossible Knots. Glad they're both on the new album.
  11. Keep in mind that this was only a small snippet, relatively, of all the OKC sessions. We have no idea what else they were working on during that time.
  12. This is interesting. So the phone number for Anima Technologies is 916.619.6192. When you call it you get an ominous and threatening message about how the company has been ordered to cease and desist, and are then instructed to leave a message after the tone. The tone is the melody from Not the News, and keeps going and going. Someone on Reddit said that they texted the number and received a text back that was lyrics from Twist; I texted the number but have yet to receive a response. Not sure what the hell this is or where it's going, but seems to be marketing for LP3.
  13. Four Tet and Burial PJ Harvey Bjork MF Doom
  14. After seeing Thom twice last year on his solo tour, I think this album will be amazing. If only because of Impossible Knots and Traffic.
  15. These full-band funk jam at the end of disc 7 is blowing my mind right now. Other than Thom's easily-recognizable voice, I never would have guessed that it was Radiohead playing, if someone played it for me and didn't tell me what it was. Super funky and super fun.
  16. Yeah, it's one of my favorite solos of his. It's so jagged and mathematical and strange.
  17. There's a link on page five of this thread.
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