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  1. The website is ugly af. That orange hurts my eyes. Thom in Halloween mood?
  2. I was in the group and I had to pretend to not know anything while you fools all speculated
  3. @ranipodtouch are you RadioWiWi from Reddit?
  4. Zimbra said he’s keeping that in the vault.
  5. Just read the /r/news thread about this. Sitting at 35k upvotes. It’s crazy to me how the narrative is now that Radiohead “prevented” hackers from releasing their music. Looking at this from the inside it shines a light on how you really can’t trust everything you see online - clickbait sells. Cheers Geoff.
  6. It’s at the 46 minute mark edit: not interesting
  7. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m0005vsw#play this has some discussion about the leak - it’s meant to be towards the end but I can’t find it - I’m on my phone...BBC 6 tweeted about it.
  8. Wonder if they’re gonna go after Zimbra? Will we ever find out how exactly this got out there?
  9. Wouldn’t it make sense if this whole imax shindig is just Suspiria in IMAX.
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