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  1. We're only a few months away from AMSP being four years old. Damn. The wait between TKOL and AMSP was five years. Yet I don't have any sense that once spring 2020 rolls around it will be about a year until LP10. I feel like this time it's going to be a six year gap at least.
  2. The fact that they still haven't hired Zane as a producer is evidence for how little they value Radiohead at this point.
  3. Hype is dead. Hype remains dead. And we have killed it.
  4. I can't get used to this new Kiks name. I keep reading it as MusickiksIsrael.
  5. Not to mention that on the OKNOTOK reissue they obviously "tidied up" those unreleased tracks with overdubs (e.g., the strings on Man of War). It's possible that they toy with HTTT like that.
  6. I said "unreleased track we've heard before".
  7. What do you think Dawn Chorus is? I would have thought it's a brand-new track we've never heard before, but it's also been called a "Radiohead fan favorite" which kinda throws that theory off a bit.
  8. You think Thom drops a single before the whole album drops a week from today?
  9. Wait, is this confirmed? I can't find reference to this on the website.
  10. I'm actually really curious about this now. Has to be a popular unreleased RH song that's been renamed? They can't claim it's a "fan favorite" just based on its association with LP9 hype, right?
  11. So does the existence of Suspiria make this LP3 or LP4?
  12. If Dawn Chorus is a previously unreleased Radiohead song, I would guess it's Open the Floodgates. But it's probably something entirely new. "Don't bore us / get to the chorus / open the floodgates"
  13. Damn, I knew there was one new track I liked that was missing. Two Feet Off the Ground. But I guess that one already had an "official" release through Rag and Bone. Oh well.
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