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  1. cloth masks don't do shit. can't believe people are still scared by this virus now that we have the statistics. make kid a anniversary great again!
  2. That's two chapters ago I'm on the current chapter... EARTH
  3. Kid A reissue died of the covid I'm afraid
  4. ...not as good as F E A R I N O C U L U M
  5. I was thinking the same thing especially as I'm away from home until Monday. Tornado warnings right now even. Cool.
  6. Yeah at lolla 08 he was all fucked up on a mix of weed and booze so bad that his voice would clip during the loud parts. Actually... I think that was me. Nvm.
  7. I don't know but I think Frank Lampard should produce the album. Fuck Nigel what has he ever won?
  8. Yeah he kinda sings the word "pots"
  9. ANIMUS coming... I hear bill mckibbens will replace thoms gf in the next film, but otherwise the exact same.
  10. Morning Mr magpie! 😠
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