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  1. Be glad that you are freeFree to change your mindFree to go most anywhere, anytimeBe glad that you are freeThere's many a man who's notBe glad for what you had, baby, what you've got
  2. don't forget gagging order! or is that the steely guitar or whatever thing?
  3. you kinda have a damien rice thing going on there on some of that there other stuff okay well that's all bye
  4. After less than 5 seconds, young man yelled at me "What is this shit, N-word?" and threw a can of sprite to me.
  5. Swatty's got 929 posts! man that (wo)man is busy! just joined 5 weeks ago oh no
  6. send us the Baptist! or Goudvis! or even ... Kian (wasn't he a mod, too) ?!? ENOUGH OF RUSSIA'S INTERFERENCE IN THE 2019 MESSAGE~BOARD This AGGRESSION will not STAND, MAN!
  7. maybe he'd like that UNKLE thing, um whatever it's called .. something something in ur head lights ??!?
  8. send me download code plz k thks
  9. can the pulk it off live?
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