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  1. Oh man that jacket is just straight atrocious. Too much money squire.
  2. is there a link to the proper original OG leak still? it's as pure as snow it is.
  3. Aren't they walking through a back alley sort of thing in some American town or city? And someone recognises them?
  4. You don't grieve then suddenly start publicly rocking up to flash-in-the-pan label fashion shows with a new piece a few months later. For a bloke who's made his art and millions from being an overtly sensitive soul, that's not a very sensitive thing to do.
  5. For that big upcoming comprehensive world tour they're about to go on tomorrow? All that equipment for outdoor racetrack shows and stadiums Radiohead used to play, but tomorrow, Slowdive will? It's pretty interesting but the idea of them collaborating seems one of those moments where... their mysticism and arrogance and streamlined vibe has gone. Bit like the idea of them doing anniversary reissues. The fact it's another 90s band is all a bit corny.
  6. Ed has become really unlikeable a huge cliche this press cycle. His kids can afford to pants their education for their dad's self-indulgent Brazil trip because their dad's in Radiohead. They don't need to go to uni and they don't need a trade. Their old man will give them money to 'have the invaluable experience of global travel' from ages 18 to 25 and then when they feel like it, they'll get a cushy arse PR job at XL designing splash pages and deciding between fonts. One rich English fellas view on Brazil is probably completely different to the average Brazilians. That country is fucked. The mix of the poor and hungry still against the controlling rich, then the expanding middle class, it's a classic goatfuck. It's like going to India. Do you actually want to live like the average Indian? Probably not. But get first class rail and nice hotels and yeah, I bet the curries banged.
  7. Also, apparently Spotify gave em a new photo, it's one of the Kid A press shots.
  8. The fact that book is just about every second post on reddit says enough; who honestly cares what some nerd thinks of an album that's been discussed to death for years?
  9. Also, what's the full story on the bomb thread?
  10. Damn really? Where'd they mention unreleased stuff?
  11. He was a bit of a daft wee bugger but does he need anymore doxing?
  12. Looks like he was more an engineer? One of Nigel's little proteges he rooted and booted... seemed to do it for Kid A and Amnesiac, the COM LAG little EP, The Eraser and its related stuff, and then he produced Bodysong and the absolutely stellar amazing yearned-for Weatherhouse by Phillip Selway.
  13. Think this is mostly run by Stanley and a lot of recent posts have just been a way for ol Stan to flog his second-rate art.
  14. More nice stories about going to peak-era Radiohead gigs, cheers boyos
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