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  1. Imagine this for each album. 160+ hours of the many versions of Treefingers. Damn.
  2. Didn't Thom or someone else said exactly this? That they pulled Lift because they foresaw how popular it would get?
  3. Any chance a proper studio recording of Videotape v2006 included in the leaks though
  4. I was actually replying to the guy/girl complaining they can't give away more Likes due to forum restrictions But yeah. In another thread I did say we were given like the behind the scenes of the (whole?) Radiohead Golden Era. 18 hours is just too much, and I love that.
  5. Where are you guys getting the track listing?
  6. If anything, this is just a giant promo for I Promise. It plays like after every other song.
  7. Leaked Minidiscs > LP10 It's like we've been given the Radiohead Golden Era in its full glory, really doubt the band could ever top that. They should really retire after this.
  8. I'd appreciate the same 🙂 Thank you
  9. Petition to change the title of this thread to "This Doesn't Deserve Its Own Thread - AtEase MB Edition"
  10. I've seen at least one post of a OKC CD with the title "the beginning of a wonderful collection" or something along those lines. Not even a special edition or packaging, just a plain regular CD jewel case edition. Photos of line-waiters seems to be where it is at now though.
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