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  1. Lost, fringe, marvel movies Massaging aliens, time travel , super rich supervillains planning genocide, summoning demons, vampire shit into your brain until it doesn’t seem so odd against the backdrop of “reality “ that you are witnessing.
  2. Liberal aren’t going to surf the net all day , parsing bits of drip fed military code , so you make that blog app speak to conservatives who might have lot more family in the military and “love their country”. You make tv series and movies for lefties who like to be creative. You run it all at the same time and then little by little people start to get it.
  3. I think tv series like True detective, the more current sweet tooth, the inundation of sci-fi since star wars now brimming to a level that I don’t have an adjective for are all “liberal” q disclosure. It’s just crafted for a different cultural tribe to receive with interest. I think I can see through that cultural trend just as I can see through q to get to what the actual point is.
  4. Plenty of “liberals” are every bit as prejudiced and ignorant as “conservatives “ the only difference being that they may be wearing an outfit or may be brandishing some other form of style virtue signaling that keeps accusation and scrutiny off of them. Even keeps them from seeing it in themselves.
  5. Far-right and far-left are neither one sound political positions. They both become egotistical entropy. I think a lot of people lose track of the fact that Fox News has been their main filter for right wing people for awhile now and they may not realize how that station misrepresents them(conservatives) just as badly as msnbc cnn misrepresents lib/dem/prog and act like they don’t intend to target and misrepresent that audience to boot. What Fox News was doing during the Iraq invasion was hideous and terrifying. What their opposing outlets are doing since the 2008 crash and bank bai
  6. I also posted a swastika right next to a Microsoft logo and the chase bank logo to show that they both have swastikas in them. You might think that’s ridiculous but it’s not an antisemetic intent.
  7. I posted General McInerneys telegram about Israel conflict. He talks about zionists. Some people think that’s code for antisemitism and it could be when neo nazi gangs or kkk use it. But those groups are like the rings you step over in the bathtub at this point and having zero tolerance for the label because you believe it’s ALWAYS code for something can get a little like how members of the Sicilian Mob use AIDL to deny their existence
  8. Then it’s never been articulate language to use against me. Why would emphasis on that as a dismissal work if that were the case?
  9. The problem I have with this view point is that it goes back and forth between believing that there is this super organized movement taking control and saying that it’s just a small number of scared disempowered white people who make a lot of noise and then show up for small numbers in a protest. Its like like going back and forth between calling Trump an evil genius organizing the next wave of nazis and then saying he’s an imbecile who can’t tie his own shoes. People say it’s both but I don’t believe that’s possible and whenever I ask someone how it could be possible they get flustered or i
  10. Since when did (to borrow your stereotypical umbrella term) healing crystals become a right wing thing either?
  11. This? Is q? And since when has q been the original historical context of questioning 911
  12. Look athletic he misspelled arguing too. WHEN ON EARTH DID SAYING STUFF LIKE THIS EVER BECOME RIGHT WING?
  13. I’ll chime in to the wtc-7 “debate” you two are having. athleticarms, you should offer a position on 911 as a whole. Resetting the topic to that would not only be good but necessary for any conceivable possibility of a dialectic. Nitsu has at least indicated one. If that does not come into play then the whole discussion becomes weightless and distorted. Arguing about papers and thesis studies that go back and forth really just becomes a “one of us is always lying and one of us is always telling the truth” game. You can’t start that sort of dialogue from the microscopic level. You ca
  14. If I were you I’d get every product from this company ASAP. Especially the magnesium, remyte and rna drops. It’s the only thing that will activate your autonomic nervous system. Things are really going to get ...well...I’d rather not say anymore. I’m out of ways to make it catchy or funny or whatever. These motherfuckers really have us cornered and there really is no communal way out. You really are just going to have to trust yourself as you said. Or just load up on your favorite recreational drug and wait for it all to be over soon.
  15. I have to make my rounds of goodbyes. I'll send you some nutritional suggestions to help with the remote viewing. Magnesium is important. Some other stuff i'll send too. Goodluck
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