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  1. Who cares about this shit? 7” labels, purple vinyl. Vinyl enthusiasts are so weird. Who fuckin cares. (Garbage reissue)
  2. This place was so, so great back in 2007-2012 or so. I’m listening to a lot of Big Thief at the moment.
  3. I’m also stoked about the game—truly. The art books don’t do anything for me: I’ve spent so much time looking at Kid Amnesiac era art on posters and t shirts and websites over the last 20 years that I don’t feel the need to own a book full of it. But I do love the idea of exploring a totally new medium for it. Also love the notion of some song stems being chopped up or mixed weirdly for the digital landscape.
  4. Nah no apologies needed. I’ve always been more of a lurker on main but more active on the Music boards in the Wild West days of YSI sharing. I’m honestly just playing heel with the “GARBAGE” shtick, but I am legitimately let down with the new music aspect of this release after looking forward to it for over the course of two really shitty, depressing years.
  5. I’m not a troll. I’ve been on at ease since HTTT. Hyperbole and directionless whining/rage have long been a part of this forum, and that chaos is what made this place fun. In that vein, I am partially being facetious as well, though I sincerely think this is a disappointing effort on the band’s part compared to OKNOTOK (absent additional information like I said, but I’m not realistically banking on that).
  6. Jesus Christ. I want demos/session recordings of the Kid A and Amnesiac songs (and maybe early versions of HTTT songs) in progress, showing the creative process. Like we got for OK Computer on the cassette. Like many bands put on their super special edition reissues (e.g., the recent Beatles reissues). Like Nigel alluded to in interviews last year. It’s not that fucking complicated. The creative process/sessions during this period was not garbage. Three untitled sound collages and two isolated string stems is garbage.
  7. Okay I still think the reissue is garbage but I’m starting to think we might get additional, cool stuff (demos, stems, etc.) either inside this game or on the library. im warming up.
  8. I think the third LP is more like I promise+ lift + man o war. There’s none of the early stage creative process scratch demos material that we got in the cassette. That was the most interesting material on OKNOTOK to me. And we know there’s a mountain of it with Kid A.
  9. Also shitting out 3 different art books across 3 different packages is a fucked collect-a-thon.
  10. Except OKNOTOK contained both b-sides and “new stuff,” and the band have gone on record remarking on the incredible amount of material they had to go through while putting this together compared to OKNOTOK. There’s no excuse for excluding a collection of outtakes.
  11. I sort of think it’s a mediocre, tuneless song saved by Jonny’s guitar+Glock+Ondes playing, but it’s a great insight into what could have been.
  12. The most interesting thing about If You Say The Word is that Ed evidently never worked his part out: https://citizeninsane.eu/music/pile/saytheword.html
  13. Agreed I’m holding out for a public library surprise. But I’m sure to be disappointed.
  14. I don’t even need the leak. Just another collection of outtake snippets like the tape would do.
  15. I just can’t get behind paying money to support this lazy cash grab. We should be punishing the band.
  16. Okay... but what about the hours of studio material Nigel and Thom talked about 2 years ago. Where the fuck is that? And yeah leaving the b sides off of everything but the cassette is infuriating. WTF happened between OKNOTOK and this?
  17. So then, ironically, Colin—the Iraq war apologist—turned out to be the classiest Radiohead member.
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