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  1. Do you guys think we will get a Follow Me Around release without the outdated Toney lyrics. I remember they played it for Beryl (followmearound) when she was in attendance? I really like the MPIE version. Perfect the way it was. edit: also I want to hear the MPIE I Will version too. I really hope they do this. edit 2: great to have you back, True Love! I really wish Adrian would make someone a mod so that mess does not happen again. Atease will pick up again when the Smile is released.
  2. I really would love early up on the ladder performance . Isn’t that the song how Reckoner was created? It was years ago but I believe Reckoners riff came from a version of Up on the Ladder. Not anything we heard just a studio attempt.
  3. Thatther thanks for the info; it seems you, me, section, and Ash are the only remaining longtime Radiohead boarders. Ash and me have been on the same boards since 2000. I consider you guys online friends. I want bababoey and Zane back now that the board is under control again. It’s great to actually have a great conversation about Radiohead again.
  4. I think you are right. Hopefully we hear more about the Smile after Nigel said the album was finished. Jonny’s guitar work on Thin Thing is amazing. Looking forward to the after production and you know it won’t disappoint.
  5. Yeah I don’t think so but they keep posting those weird short videos and teased us with Kid Amnesiac. It could be for Thom and Jonnys project or they could just be being weird.
  6. Also, take it as you will, but a user said in one of the comment section threads that a friend said a release schedule for XL had a November Radiohead release scheduled. I don’t know if I trust that user but it was said. Cannot find that post. edit: I had to go there because this site was taken by a massive troll. Usually we were the first ones to break news, like how Zane had a friend that recorded on a song that was called Bloom and II forget the other one but pretty sure it was Codex.
  7. This post sums it up. https://www.reddit.com/r/radiohead/comments/m0o3fi/everything_we_know_about_a_possible_kid_aamnesiac/
  8. Really love the Jonny guitar work on this. The live recordings we got were of bad quality but this seems like Jonny is lead and Thom sings. Just listen to this guitar cover of Thin Thing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G6jzoOGLBuE
  9. There is an article posted in the Radiohead subreddit that this was delayed because of the pandemic and how album physical production works but says that November is when it is currently slated for release. Who knows about the new Delta variant and if we all need another booster shot. But we get the Jonny, Thom side project at least released digitally before, I hope.
  10. Oh no purple dress is using a vpn. edit: why does this user with a new account that is obviously purple dress want to troll a dying Radiohead message board? This board needs a mod. I vote section or that ther. I just want to talk about Radiohead and other subjects with old users.
  11. You can also thank me for getting purple dress banned. After over ten private messages to Ade it took a vulgar message for him to do it which got me suspended until today. If he would just make one of us longtime members a mod. A purple dress kind of troll would never happen again.
  12. I mean guys lets take this board back together get this person banned. Report it to Ade and message him on facebook. This person is completley insane. Please lets get them banned.
  13. I almost want to report you to the fbi. You are insane. You are straight up crazy and you will hurt someone.
  14. girl in the purple dress, no one here on a liberal radiohead message board goes with you crazy conservative views. You are the most fucked up person I have ever met and I am a paramedic. Go away no one here believes anything what you are saying. I want to talk about Radiohead my favorite band since I was 12. I do not appreciate you. I don't understand how Ade has not banned you. I report you every day. He still pays for this site why I do not know. Please just stop posting. I need you to seek help. You are a time bomb and you are going to kill someone. Please go away.
  15. . Fuck off. Think about suicide please. Do it.
  16. I know right! This is a song I want on LP 10. Love it. I have since the short version was leaked. Wake me. I have tried to get girl in the purple dress banned so many times but that person is mentally ill and Ade does not give a shit but yet pays for this site still. He's fucked up too. Reddit is not the same a bunch of newbies where I have been on radiohead boards since OK Computer. If he would just make me moderator this site woud just be about Radiohead.
  17. Purple Dress, I will say one last thing to you before I am done with this website. You are very mentally ill. You created at least three different handles where you have conversations with. You are not healthy. Please do not hurt anyone. You need help ASAP. This is the most fucked up thing I have seen. You are going to hurt someone. Please do not. Find help before you kill someone. You are extremely mentally ill.
  18. The website is done. There is no use in argueing with someone who has extreme mental illness. Did you not realize that this other right wing user is having a conversation with purple dress? It's because that user is also purple dress. The user is having a conversation with another handle that is purple dress. Purple dress has extreme mental illness. There is no use in talking to it. I am starting to think that you are also another handle created by purple dress. I am done with this website. Goodbye.
  19. You are litterally having a conversation with a very mentally ill person who has created multiple handles on the board and is having a conversation with one. Stop.
  20. Sounds like I will to me. Someone should cross check it with the MPIE version. My memory serves me correctly it sounds very similar but with an electronic take which would be on par with the sessions.
  21. Purple Dress go bobbing for apples and don’t bring your head out of the bucket. You are terrible.
  22. I have reported purple dress to Ade countless times even just last night but he doesn’t ban this user. I don’t understand because he is still paying for the domain. If he would have made a user a mod, purple dress would have been banned months ago but for some reason he didn’t. I don’t think purple dress even believes the things they post; they are just an unchecked troll. I think the user is either 14 or a mentally ill, lonely person in their late 20’s or early 30’s who lives with their parents. They don’t have any friends and have loneliness and anger issues hence they spend so much time trolling a dead message board. They know that the things they post are not the audience for the users of this board they are just trolling. Since they spend so much time and effort trolling such a small number of people leaves me to be believe to my diagnosis of them. They are a sad, lonely person who has mental illness. They will keep trolling unless Ade does something. The best thing we can do is for all of the remaining users to report every post until it just makes Ade fed up with the constant reporting.
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