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  1. I don’t know but there were also other accounts blocked posting similar things as dress, so if it was Ash, that means they all came from the same IP Address. Whoever was posting from that IP Address was freaking nuts and it took me many private messages to Ade and a suspension to finally get it blocked. I don’t know how it works so it’s over me. I hope it wasn’t Ash because he was always crazy but not that crazy to spam the board with three or more accounts with right wing propaganda. He was blocked from the Annex too though, so. I don’t know.
  2. Actually that would be really cool if the game includes secret songs the users have to find in the game. I really hope it does that. I honestly would not put it past this band if that is what it is. edit: okay you have me excited for the game now because the band have been this innovative before. I think you are correct.
  3. @Ade, if you can, can you unblock Ash? He was not a troll. I’ve known him since followmearound. He is just Ash but a good guy.
  4. I still wonder what my short original tape is from my a moon shaped pool special edition. I think they did mostly In Rainbows cuts for the short tape they included. edit: a moon shaped pool was awesome to get after what the king of limbs was.
  5. Yeah it doesn’t make any sense when Nigel said they have tons of recordings from Kid A and Amnesiac compared to OK Computer but let us see what this game gives us. But Dan does deserve some lime light.
  6. They are obviously focusing on art with this release. So expect nothing amazing music wise except for FMA. Everything with Thom and Dan point to this release being about art.
  7. I would not take this reviewers opinion to judge. Thom described they recorded follow me around long version with him and Ed on bass with a drum machine. Sounds like we will get a kid a version of the one we heard on MPIE which is around the same track length. I don’t think this person heard anything. Just trying to get the jump. They are going to use FMA as the lead single next month. Plus if it is just Thom and a guitar from 2000 that will make us all wet. Essentially this completes every old fans dreams. Follow Me Around even if it’s just young Thom solo is still everything we needed and I will listen to it all fall. I waited over 20 years for it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=POmiH-DvJ1U
  8. Okay that tells us we will have an acoustic version of follow me around without the later lyrics. Pretty big reveal. Also, excited for it.
  9. Thanks for posting the interview but lol at the interviewer wearing an ascot.
  10. Today I learned Beryl and I are the same age. Also, lol at the description of Ade.
  11. What's great is that the day it's released they are going to release a Follow Me Around video. We know it's the long version with a drum machine and Ed on Bass Guitar. Beryl is going to make her panties wet. Sorry, Beryl if you see this but it's your favorite song and you will have to keep your panties from slipping when they release the Follow Me Around video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=POmiH-DvJ1U&lc=Ugw6jMDDf_oSnmHULe14AaABAg.8GcWqOHc7Ax9SZyUB1b4IL
  12. I remember hearing about those parties but I am a hick in Maine and was 17. So jealous. edit: omg I hate that Radiohead subreddit so much. A bunch of zoomers with memes, and omg did you know that there is an In Rainbows disc 2? Constant memes. Terrible the lot of them.
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