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  1. they got rid of creepily-accurate fake plastic jonny?? yikes
  2. definitely the warrington version - the little audio blip/dropout at 2:25 is very familiar
  3. bit hard to make out all the lyrics (it's a small book) - (dogwander) / the national anthem ladies and gentlemen the missiles are flying hallelujah maybe you should think nice thoughts hit that minty highway norman (???? seriously? this is what it says) weasel words holiday cataracts nailed down to the tracks and a bad wind blows it blows hallelujah! (into reagan) (?) all the dreams in my head after what you said "I'm building an empire, and when i'm on the top people will swear i did nothing wrong at all" "I will have land, and that land will be covered with cattle and cotton and the railroad, i want a piece of that too" a nail in your tyres and bugbear (?) i know what i'm gonna do where d'you want to go today? absolute bollocks basically. not sure if any of this ties up to the track we know as dogwander
  4. mentioned a couple of times actually, once on a page full of notes about possible approaches to various songs which actually made the album, eg. getting an opera singer on airbag, dj shadow scratching on electioneering etc. The only notes for dogwander are > jonny on phasing lead guitar > ed on keyboards > AMS rising delay thing and in the smaller book, theres a page of unused lyrics headed "(dogwander) / the national anthem" So it's definitely a song of some kind...i'm very curious about a potential connection to TNA I do like the sound of that little soundcheck snippet but i don't think there's anything to prove that it's dogwander - the cake lyric doesn't convince me, Man of War also mentions cakes and is from the same period, and we know from the minidisc leak that certain lyrics/phrases moved between songs
  5. interesting...thanks, i can just about see that, i think? need to listen to it again
  6. full band snippet on disc 7 as well i think (as 'I Can't Control It') i really like the thom acoustic song on disc 10, after the bends demo, but can't for the life of me read his scrawl on the label to know what it's called
  7. £15 i'd expect more than one rehearsal for that tbh
  8. close enough to me, i might come by if i'm free
  9. wait is this really lloyd 😮 LLOYD!
  10. definitely way better than 99% of radiohead tattoos out there
  11. my god if this was old atease and hardlylurkin was still here there would already be a 10-page flame war about this
  12. imagine even bothering to ban someone from this zombie board also bring back the old :lol: jesus christ this one sucks
  13. haven't listened to those MSG tapes but given edgar's previous work they'll likely be stellar not 2018 related, but there's also a new-to-circulation tape of brixton academy 1997-09-13 on dime which looks interesting (with caveats) it isn't that hard to keep up a passable dime ratio
  14. This thread can be so annoying seeing the same things posted over and over again
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