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  1. boog when are we gonna talk about classic simpsons and play l4d2
  2. there’s another diff version of hunting bears but with in limbo guitar!!!!!!!!!!!! (And drums) https://v3.fastupload.co/file/9682 there’s also LSP but with the synth not reversed and with the why us verse https://v3.fastupload.co/file/9683
  3. OMG BOOG! just found an isolated Vox rip from LSP album version but with the why us verse! reversed and everything
  4. boog I went on a foggy drive a few hours ago listening to hunting bears DRUMS! I'm surprised that dollars & cents didn't make an appearance it seems like it could b a cool room!!!!!
  5. ppl on Reddit are trying to extract the wavs from the game but it’s encrypted, that cool drum stem from in limbo and ondes from nation anthem are available as .oggs and are working. rlly hope someone can crack this and extract all wavs and photos ❤️
  6. when is this exhibition game coming out!!!!! give us a date!!! im hungry for more!!
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